vs Natus Vincere – Dota 2 ESL One DPC Season 2 Match Odds and Natus Vincere, two legendary Dota 2 rivals face off on May 3 at 12 AM (UTC+8). All eyes are on the ESL One Eastern Europe Season 2 this weekend, for the most defining match of this season.

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Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosian

Virtus. pro – The bears become the prey was anticipated to rival the top teams at the Singapore Major. Many bets were placed on the Russian powerhouse crusing Thunder Predator, the underdog of the tournament. Yet, VP was eliminated in eight-place, leaving the renowned powerhouse to cower in shame. The team is now working through a hard reset phase in their domestic region.

These folks are still top dogs in their own regional league however, making them a fearsome opponent to beat. VP’s recent run at ESL One Eastern Europe Season 2 has been promising thus far, by securing easy scores against Gambit and PuckChamp. They say the young Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko was a talented carry player. Which doesn’t do justice to the rest of VP, notably Vitali “Save-” Melnic and Danil “gpk” Skutin. Both are crucial to VP incredible control in fights and laning phase.

Over the last five games, Save- has only been picking Lion, which is a versatile support pick for what it’s worth. Instead, their opponents only prioritized carry bans, probably paying respect to Nightfall as a threat. On the other hand, gpk has played 9 different picks in just as many games, proving targeting him specifically is pointless. Let’s just hope Navi has got pick/bans all figured out with VP, unlike their previous opponents.

Natus Vincere – A Fresh start with RAMZES666

Days after withdrawing from the Major, Navi announced the recruitment of Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev. The wunderkind was once hailed as CIS’ strongest carry player during his term at Speaking of former players, Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosian is the other founding VP player. This season, however, he will be serving the black and yellow in hopes of reviving its former glory. With these two masterminds on the same tag team, fans are expecting an exceptional showing from NaVi this spring.

Despite the attention, the team still fell victim to a greater threat in the ESL One Eastern Europe Season 2 in Team Spirit. They are themselves on a hot streak of wins after sweeping the floor with three opponents. Team Spirit aside, Navi still got two wins on the scoreboard after defeating Gambit and EXTREMUM. RAMZES666’s offlane skills have improved since he transitioned to the role and usually went for durable aura-providing heroes.

This leaves the initiations and playmaking to the rest of his team, notably Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasilenko. Known for his aggressive traits as a mid-player, sending shivers down the enemy’s spine whenever he dives. When facing VP, it will all come down to drafting a comp that scales up good into what both teams have as their strengths. vs Navi Betting Odds and Analysis

Dota 2 odds-wise, definitely has the upper hand in both experience and stats. After all, VP are considered the favorites in CIS by a huge margin and in a completely different league anyway. Navi is coming in as an underdog in this match-up despite their steady improvement since Dota Pro Circuit 2021 season kicked off. At an unimpressive 1.40 for VP against Navi’s 2.96 we can definitely see who the esports betting sites are favoring as well.

Say VP is the undisputed victor here, consider opting for Correct Map Scores to gain that extra bit of return. Betting on a clean 2:0 victory on VP returns x2.25, or on a close 2:1 score, which gives x3.17 instead. I do have faith in Navi pulling out a single win, which makes the more lucrative option valid.

Finally, VP is one team that enjoys thrilling fights too frequently, which surges Total Kills per map to 47.5 on average. Any bet on Total Kills to be over 47.5 promises at least x2.03 return. Now, of course, if you’re a Navi fan instead, any bet in their favor would be tremendously higher in returns.

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