CoD Warzone Season 3 and ATL FaZe Special events coming tomorrow

Call of Duty Warzone has quickly become one of the most popular free-to-play titles, bringing the classic CoD gunplay to the Battle Royale format. The game has had a few iterations to date, but has really cemented its place as a lasting powerhouse since the launch of CoD Cold War. Warzone Season 3 is fast approaching, following an in-game event that promises to nuke Verdansk with game-altering repercussions. We already know a bit about the new season though, and just what you can expect when it launches in a few days. On top of all of this, we’ve gotten our first glimpse at a major Warzone Season 3 esports event.

FaZe Clan and their Call of duty League team have just announced two new tournaments that are launching in line with the new Warzone Season. These celebratory events are looking like a lot of fun, and a good Warzone element for the ongoing Call of Duty League teams to get involved in. This is what you need to know about everything going on in Warzone the next few days.

FaZe Gold Rush

© FaZe Clan / ATL FaZe

Warzone Season 3

Warzone Season 3 is launching alongside Cold War Season 3 on April 22nd. It is opening with a new limited time event in both games. Playing through lets you access some unique cosmetic items, skins and weapon charms. The main appeal of a new season is the promise of new content though, items to spice up gameplay and break up the old meta.

However, we don’t have full details on what is coming to the game just yet. With Warzone, intel is played a bit closer to the chest. This is what we do know:

  • New Weapons – PPSh-41 (SMG), Swiss K31 (Sniper Rifle), Ballistic Knife (Melee), CARV.2 (Tactical Rifle), AMP63 (Pistol), Baseball Bat (Melee).
  • Map – The map always sees some major changes with each Season. However, fan theories so far have pointed towards an 80s theme coming to Verdansk. This would move it away from the setting it has been in since Modern Warfare released. There are a few in-game files pointing towards this. A big change looks almost confirmed by the nuke event taking place too.
  • Zombies – Zombies have overrun the map by the time of the end-of-season event. So are they going to be a big part going forward? The map is going to be cleared of zombies, at least mainly. It is being wiped out to destroy the infestation, so we can expect a more normal Warzone experience to return.

We can likely expect some smaller changes alongside all of this too. While the details of things like a new map are currently unknown, Warzone season 3 is going to be a big and exciting update for players.

ATL FaZe Warzone Season 3 Tournaments

FaZe Clan /ATL FaZe announced some tournaments to launch Warzone Season 3, with two separate tournaments running for the game. The first is the Atlanta FaZe 100K+ Gold Rush, and the second is the Global Cash Grab. The second also has an impressive $50,000 on offer.

Both events are due to take place just as the new Season launches April 22nd through April 23rd. This is how they’re going to work:

Atlanta FaZe Gold Rush

  • Duos tournament with a cash cup of over $100,000.
    Interestingly though, the prize isn’t actually coming in cash. It is being paid is custom imprinted golden bars.
  • All-star cast of streamers are taking part, including a good deal of names associated with FaZe Clan, and DrDisrespect, the 2X himself.
  • This is the first event to be held.

Global Cash Grab Tournament

  • This is the second event with a slightly lower prize pool.
  • This one also features pro players and streamers, but on a smaller scale than the first.
  • More details on how this is going to work can be expected to come out soon.

These are both closed pro events. So if you’re interested in Call of Duty betting, some of the top streamers and pros are going to be taking part. One thing to keep in mind is that with a new season players aren’t going to be adjusted to the meta game yet, so factor that into your predictions! These are fun events and a great way to get an in-depth look at everything that’s changed in Warzone Season 3.

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