WePlay AniMajor Playoffs Betting Odds and Match Analysis

WePlay Animajor enters the Playoffs Stage. Who would have anticipated Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket of AniMajor, or Nigma flexing on the competition despite coming from Wild Card.

As the group stage came to an end, we look forward to the first Upper Bracket matches in Playoffs. And once again, EG, out of all the powerhouses, is not among the Upper Bracket candidates.

WePlay Animajor Playoffs Bracket

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WePlay AniMajor Playoffs

Twelve teams came into Playoffs hoping to break the 800 DPC point mark and secure a TI10 invite. With both Thunder Predator, beastcoast out of the competition, 800 points is the new lower mark for securing entry into The International. After the opening rounds of playoffs, Nigma, Spirit and TNC Predator need to make deep runs to at least 3rd place to even be in contention for an invite.

With such close margins, the 2nd round in Playoffs is the most important part of each team’s journey. Let’s break down the matches and set our predictions.

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What a day we had! With all series going to the third map, it surely was filled with some heart-racing moments! 🤩🤩
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Nigma vs PSG.LGD

Frankly, it’s not looking great for Nigma, considering their opponent is PSG.LGD. The Chinese powerhouse has been phenomenal since the start of DPC 2021. Whereas we have only seen Nigma rose up to our expectations lately.

Regardless, the fact that the two rivals’ last encounter ended with a tie is reassuring for Nigma fans. Nigma recently strayed away from their iconic four-protect-one strategy surrounding Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi. The change in playstyle was possible with the addition of Igor “iLTW” Filatov, who many fans claimed to be the budget Miracle-.

With the enemy’s focus divided on both carries, Nigma avoids being cornered by the enemy team if they shut down their only carry player. Analysis aside, the Dota 2 odds still favor PSG.LGD as the prominent team in this match. At an x1.53 odds for PSG.LGD to win against Nigma at x2.43 odds, it’s quite a hefty gap to consider.

Once again, we do think Nigma has winners final bagged, and in similar fashion as our previous WePlay Animajor Predicitons. Expect a 2:1 for Nigma in this series.

T1 vs Quincy Crew

In the other Upper Bracket match-up, we can expect an even series from T1 and Quincy Crew. Both teams are by no means a reputable powerhouse, so to speak. However, we can still commend them for securing their International 10 (TI10) invites.

While Quincy Crew certainly has their seasoned line-up of players to boast about. T1 has its own wild stack of SE Asian prodigies to carve their way to glory. Frankly, it’s a tough match-up to evaluate since both teams have no history of encounters beforehand.

That said, the SEA teams’ hype and recent performance have created quite the bandwagon. Another SEA brethren, TNC Predator, dealt the finishing blow on Team Aster at the Lower Bracket yesterday too. Odds-wise, both teams share fairly even odds, where T1 has x1.94 and Quincy Crew has x1.82 returns. We would predict the series going to 3 games as the safest option at x1.94.

Vici Gaming vs Team Spirit

It’s the CIS region’s last representative at the WePlay AniMajor, Team Spirit. After their regional rival, Virtus.pro, collapsed to Vici Gaming’s sheer dominance, it’s up to Team Spirit to avenge their fallen comrades.

Vici Gaming is no pushover either being the third-best team from the group stage. For the most part, VG has adopted a very stable playstyle and draft that often transitions well into late game. Meanwhile, Team Spirit’s recent success is quite commendable too, as proven when they were able to snowball during midgame.

All things considered, VG definitely has the high ground in terms of drafting and objective-oriented plays. Coupled with their seasoned class of players, it’s hard to side against VG. The Dota 2 odds reflect similar reviews as well, with VG having x1.58 against Team Spirit’s x2.31 return.

TNC Predator vs Evil Geniuses

Finally, probably the most anticipated match for the day, TNC vs Evil Geniuses in the Lower Bracket. After all, with elimination on the line, we are just as curious to know who will stay in the WePlay AniMajor.

Despite both teams coming from different regions, there’s a lot to talk about, most notably “Abed” Azel L. Yusop, the SEA prodigy currently playing for EG. With the recent rise of SEA Dota, we could expect TNC to give EG a run for their money.

That aside, there’s also much at stake for TNC, which still requires a considerable amount of DPC points. Both teams have reasonably even odds and dare we say it’s a rather convincing odds for TNC despite being the underdogs. TNC Predator has an x2.07 versus EG at x1.72 odds.

Among the top eight candidates, Nigma, Team Spirit, and TNC Predator are the only teams yet to secure a top twelve ranking in the DPC 2021 leaderboard. With only two remaining TI10 invites, it’s a nail-biting ordeal for these teams and other non-competing teams to know where they stand.

Here is our betslip for WePlay Animajor Playoffs Round 2:

Nigma vs PSG.LGDCorrect map score 2:1@ 3.62
T1 vs Quincy CrewTotal maps over 2.5@ 1.94
Vici Gaming vs Team SpiritVici Gaming to win@ 1.43
TNC Predator vs Evil GeniusesTNC Predator to win@ 2.31
ODDS x23.2

Finally, hit this little plus icon below to view our predictions on completed matches. ▼

Team Aster vs T1

The earliest playoffs series of the day is between two Asian powerhouses, Aster and T1. While T1 may seem formidable with the recent addition of Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon, it’s not much to brag upon against a Chinese titan. Team Aster, the first seed from the DPC S2 China league, has been undefeated for the most part. Considering how powerful the recent Chinese squads have been, it’s a worthy achievement on its own. Furthermore, if T1 loses the series they are heading down to meet their regional contender TNC Predator in an elimination match that almost directly decides an International invite.

The Dota 2 odds reflect well on Aster to win, at x1.23 return against T1 at x3.97 return. Considering both teams qualified for the Major Playoffs seeds, this is quite a power gap, so to speak. I would predict a 2:1 victory for Aster, netting us x3.78 in return.

Alliance vs PSG.LGD

Next up, we have Alliance vs PSG.LGD on the playing field. This will be Alliance’s first match in the WePlay AniMajor, while PSG.LGD has had a long history of success beforehand. PSG.LGD finished group stage with zero losses, marking them the top seed alongside Nigma.

Despite Alliance being the qualified Playoffs seed, PSG.LGD still looks more promising than the lather. Perhaps it’s because they were also the second runner-up at the previous Singapore Major 2021 or the battle scars they had on the group stage.

We have seen European powerhouses like Team Liquid and Secret fell off big time recently, so Alliance might be up next. Odds-wise, PSG.LGD has x1.41 odds against Alliance at x2.81 odds. I am confident in PSG to take this match 2:0 for x2.26 in return.

Virtus.pro vs Nigma

Once again, Nigma is facing an uphill battle as they wanna secure that Ti10 invite cleanly. The inspiring journey at the WePlay AniMajor is only continuing, especially against VP, who aren’t looking so tough right now.

Thanks to Igor “iLTW” Filatov delivering exceptional plays throughout the event, and the team behind him playing consistently thus far, we are looking at Nigma victory. VP quite plausibly does not stand a chance against the new European titan. We might even see a repeat of VP’s downfall from Singapore Major once again.

The odds also reflect Nigma as the favorite with x1.68 return over Virtus.Pro’s  x2.13. I would still go for a 2:1 in favor of Nigma as the final result at x3.39 in return.

Quincy Crew vs NoPing Esports

Last but certainly not least, it’s the civil war between American teams. Quincy Crew and NoPing Esports are the top performers from North and South American regions, respectively.

NoPing Esports, or SA teams in general, has gained traction among Dota 2 fans recently. And they have much to thank their local rival, Thunder Predator, who put up an incredible showing previously at Singapore Major. Hence, it’s time to pass the torch to NoPing Esports later today.

On the other hand, Quincy Crew, too, has surpassed their limits by defeating EG and claiming their rightful spot in the Playoffs seeds. The boys over at Quincy Crew are Dota 2 veterans and have stuck around since last year. Despite their great success in North America, Quincy Crew has yet to deliver commendable achievements outside their comfort zone.

For Dota 2 odds, Quincy Crew has a leverage based on their experience, and are looking at x1.36 odds against NoPing Esports x3.03. We are looking at potentially tight series here however, and a 2:1 win for Quincy at x3.16 seems like the correct call.

The betslip if you tie all selections into a system would look like this:

Team Aster vs T1Correct map score 2:1@ 3.78
The Alliance vs PSG.LGDCorrect map score 0:2@ 2.29
Virtus.Pro vs NigmaCorrect map score 1:2@ 3.39
Quincy Crew vs NoPingCorrect map score 2:1@ 3.16
BET TYPE System 3/4 20$ (5$ per combination) 603.29$

And that sums up the 2nd round of Playoffs, two more upper bracket matches to keep the WePlay AniMajor rollercoaster going. The next set of eliminations are putting everyone in the DPC point count, and the final four spots for Ti10 will be known.

Speaking of Dota 2 betting, the odds mentioned above are from GG.BET. If you are into Dota 2 Fantasy instead, DraftKings is an excellent alternative to keeping up with the WePlay AniMajor.

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