WoW MDI Group C Preview

The World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon Invitational is going strong, and while week one was quite exciting to watch with the incredible performance from Echo in Group A, week two had its own highlights that are worth checking out in case you missed it.

MDI Shadowlands S2

Group B Recap

While Group A was highly dominated by Echo, Group B had ups and downs for several teams. Before we get into the details of the previous weekend’s outcome, here are the teams that participated:

  • Perplexed
  • boomba boomba
  • Dismissed
  • Free For All
  • Soundproof
  • Just Reset
  • Frog Gang

The winner of group B last week was MONKA, but unlike Echo, who just plowed through the competition in the winner’s bracket, MONKA actually had a different story.

The journey of MONKA

The first match for MONKA was played against Soundproof, where they dominated the match with a 2:0 score by winning on Spires of Ascension +21 as well as Mists of Tirna Scithe +23. They continued their winning streak against Just Reset by going 2:0 once again, this time with wins on Taza’vesh: So’leah’s Gambit +22 and Spires of Ascension +21.

After their first two matches, they faced Perplexed in the Semi-finals of the winner’s bracket, who also won both matches with a clean 2:0 score. While MONKA did win the first round on De Other Side +22, Perplexed ended up winning the match 2:1 by defeating MONKA on Spires of Ascension +21 and Sanguine Depths +23.

This sent MONKA to the loser’s bracket Finals, where they were facing Free For All, who lost their first match against Dismissed and then proceeded to win their future matches with scores of 2:1, 2:0, and 2:1 once again. Unfortunately for Free For All, the rounds were not even close, and MONKA got back into the winner’s Finals.

While MONKA won the first round against Perplexed on Sanguine Depths +23 with ease, the second game was much closer. Perplexed did an amazing run on The Necrotic Wake +23, finishing the dungeon in 12:10. However, MONKA managed to clutch out a victory with an even faster time of 12:06. While both MONKA and Perplexed are going to the final stage of MDI, the four-second difference will still get MONKA a bigger slice of the Group Stage prize pool.

Who is playing in Group C?

The group that will wrap up the Group Stage of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational will be played between May 6th and May 8th. Each day, the stream will begin at 7:00 PM CEST, and like always, it will last until all the matches are played out. We already have the teams that will participate next week, as well as the first dungeon that is going to be played in each match:

  • Donuts and Despair VS. RG Nordics will play Mists of Tirna Scite with Tyrannical, Inspiring, Quaking, and Encrypted as their first dungeon.
  • Ethical VS. Alpha Brawl will play Halls of Atonement with Fortified, Raging, Explosive, and Encrypted as their first dungeon.
  • W OMEGALUL VS. Team Weekend will play Plaguefall with Fortified, Spiteful, Necrotic, and Encrypted as their first dungeon.
  • Sloth VS MMDT will play The Necrotic Wake with Fortified, Bolstering, Quaking, and Encrypted as their first dungeon.

Once Group C wraps up, the next MDI event is going to be The Last Stand Tournament, which is then going to be followed by the finals, where only the best of the best will participate.