Published on: 10/04/2018

Player Background

The ‘burgerking’, Soren Bjerg, also known as Bjergsen, is one of the, if not the most popular and skilled player in the North American competitive League of Legends scene.


Bjergsen began his competitive career extremely young, at just sixteen years of age he was signed to and played for the Copenhagen Wolves. With the team, he made his large debut in the DreamHack Winter 2012 tournament, astounding many with his young age yet high mechanical skill and game knowledge. The Wolves came in as a semi-finalist, a decent achievement considering they were created only two to three months before the event.

LCS Player age requirement

The EU LCS had an age restriction for competitive play in Riot events, preventing younger players to enter the scene. As the EU LCS Spring Season had started before Bjergsen had turned 17, he was unable to represent the team in the first two weeks. This forced the Copenhagen Wolves to temporarily allocate substitute player ‘Cowtard’ until Bjergsen was fit to play.

The team rapidly dropped down the LCS ladder before Bjergsen finally turned 17 and re-joined the starting roster as the team’s mid laner. This quickly boosted their overall performance before finishing 5th place in the EU LCS Spring Split.

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Gaining recognition

After showing his prowess and carrying the Copenhagen Wolves, the young superstar was snapped up by rival EU LCS team, Ninjas in Pyjamas. While 2013 was by no means a good year for the Copenhagen Wolves, ending the Summer regular season 5th and the Summer playoffs at 6th place, Bjergsen remained a strong force in the team.

The team may have performed poorly, however, the young mid-laner was the driving force, without him, they would have definitely lost even harder.

Joining Team SoloMid

Backed by his strong individual performance and skill, Bjergsen caught the eye of Team SoloMid’s owner and mid laner at the time, Reginald. As Reginald had wanted to retire and step out of the competitive side of the team, he scouted and trailed Bjergsen as the team’s starting mid laner.


Transitioning into TSM was no small matter, previously playing for one of the lower tier teams in the EU LCS, before moving across half way around the world into North America to play for the region’s biggest and most hyped team.

In North America, while Bjersen was still young and nervous, he settled in extremely well with the team, assimilating smoothly and being coached by his experienced teammates Dyrus, Xpecial, WildTurtle and TheOddOne

Journey with Team SoloMid – TSM Bjergsen

Ever since joining North America’s biggest LoL team in late 2013, he has stayed faithful to them, 2018 marking his fifth year with the team as their mid-laner. This makes Bjergsen not only a key member on the starting roster, but one of Team Solomid’s core members. His time with TSM has forged an unbreakable bond between the player and the team. No matter what Bjergsen will choose to do next,  he will always be associated with Team SoloMid.

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