If you’ve ever watched or played Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you’ll know that being informed about the top gamers on the professional CS:GO circuit makes a huge difference to your experience. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about olofmeister, who is considered a formidable force in the world of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Read on to learn about his background and how he got started. You can also discover what makes olofmeister great, and the roles that have helped him to get where he is today. Check out the teams that this CS:GO professional has worked with, past and present – and have a look at some of what olofmeister has achieved so far.

Player background

olofmeister is formally known as Olof Kajbjer, and hails from Sweden. At the age of 25, he is ranked 132nd in the world – and 13th in his country, for his CS:GO prowess. olofmeister has played in a total of 85 Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, and has amassed an impressive pot of prize money. His earnings so far amount to well over $360K, and this doesn’t include what he has been paid by professional gaming associations.


At the current time, olofmeister is a member of team Fnatic. Within Fnatic, he performs two important roles: Rifler and secondary AWPer. olofmeister has had an illustrious career in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive industry. He has worked with a large number of other professionals, becoming more proficient and skilled as the years have passed by.

Present and past teams

As mentioned, olofmeister is a Fnatic player. In the past, he has worked with several other Counter Strike: Global Offensive groups. He was progressed through his career by working with a total of 4 other teams over the years. These teams have included the following: TEAMGLOBAL, LGB eSports, Absolute Legends, and H2K. Prior to playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive in a professional capacity, olofmeister was the member of two Counter-Strike teams. This was the game that preceded CS:GO, and the teams olofmeister were involved in were a2g and RG esports. It remains to be seen whether he will stick with Fnatic in the longer-term, but it’s safe to say that whichever team this player works with is likely to be very successful.

Achievements so far

olofmeister first started making an impact on the CS:GO scene in 2013 when he signed up to play with LGB Esports. By the time June 2014 came around, this Counter Strike player was ready for action with his new team: Fnatic. He got off to a great start by helping to bring the team to the semi-finals of Gfinity G3. Not content to rest on his initial success, olofmeister then worked with his group to achieve second place at the ESL ONE Cologne 2014.

2015 was also a successful year for olofmeister, who won the ESL One Katowice 2015, and the ESL One Cologne 2015, among other major tournaments. In 2016, olofmeister claimed victories at both the StarLadder Starseries XIV and the IEM X World Championship 2016.


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