Twitch is one of the most prominent streaming platforms for viewers and streamers to engage with each other. However, it can sometimes be slightly confusing for streamers to differentiate between real viewers and view bots. For new streamers, in particular, checking your viewers can be a bit tricky too.

The increasing view count or viewers can add to this confusion, as tracking them will be more difficult. Today we’re taking a look at a small piece of that, determining once and for all – can Twitch streamers see who’s watching them?

can twitch streamers see who's watching

Do top streamers worry about who’s watching their stream?

Can You See Who is Watching Your Stream?

The answer to this popular question is yes and no. There is no built-in feature in Twitch that allows you to see everyone who is watching your gaming streams. Twitch streamers can only see their viewers if they have logged in with their Twitch account.

Without a Twitch account, there’s no way to see or track a viewer watching a stream. In this regard, when a viewer watches a stream without a Twitch account, they remain anonymous. Additionally, you can see the logged-in viewers watching your stream, but there are certain restrictions. The only items you can see are as follows:

  • Username of the viewers who have logged in with their Twitch account
  • Region of viewers
  • Total viewers

This information is necessary, especially for “Just Chatting streamers,” as it will let you know whether actual people are watching your stream or view bots. Nevertheless, there are a couple of methods to see who is watching your live stream on Twitch and track them.

Checking Through Users in the Chat

You can use this feature to track who is watching your Twitch stream. It is also a method that can be used by streamers and viewers on the channel. This is how it works:

  • Step One: Open the stream you wish to check and go to the Chat section.
  • Step Two: Click the icon at the top of the chat.
  • Step Three: Click on the chat option above the user dropdown.
  • Step Four: Here, you can see information regarding who’s watching your stream. Simply click the refresh icon to refresh the list periodically.

Checking Through Viewers Count

While this option does not show specific viewer information, it shows the total count of all the live-stream viewers. Viewers can also check the total number of participants to decide whether they want to join the stream or not. Here’s how you can check the total number of Twitch viewers:

  • Step One: Open your Twitch stream.
  • Step Two: Check Below the stream. Here, you will easily find the total number of viewers watching your stream next to the icon.

Checking Through Live Chat

Another way to check viewership information is through Live chat. This method can also work for you if you want to target a specific viewer. All you need to do is shout out the name of the person you want to look for and see whether they reply. The only downside is that this method only works if you know the username of the person you are looking for.

Checking Through Streamlabs Chatbot

Although this method is a bit more tedious than most, it provides better search results. There are quite a number of Streamlabs overlays and Streamlabs commands, but to do this, you’ll only need to connect your Streamlabs chatbot. Follow these instructions to use the Streamlabs chatbot find out how to see viewers on Twitch:

  • Step One: Open your Streamlabs app.
  • Step Two: Click on the viewer option at the top of the chatbox.
  • Step Three: All the relevant information regarding the viewers will be displayed, including moderator information.

Checking Through Your Mobile Phone

One can also easily check the number of viewers on the stream through their mobile phone:

  • Step One: Open the Twitch app and select the stream you are interested in.
  • Step Two: Use the chat box to enter the stream screen
  • Step Three: Tap on the screen, and it will give you a viewer count.
  • Step Four: Tap on the viewer count, and the “users in chat” option will pop up.
  • Step Five: Displays all relevant viewer information


Hopefully, this streaming guide has answered your question about how to see your viewers on Twitch. There are many ways to do it. Simply choose the one that’s the most convenient for you. Remember to appreciate all your viewers, even the lurkers on Twitch. They’re helping you grow just as much as anyone else!

So, can twitch streamers see who’s watching? Yes, they can!

FAQs About How to See Viewers on Twitch

Do all these steps show lurker information?

Well, yes and no. You wouldn’t be able to get their viewer information, but the viewer list shows those connected to the chat even if they’re not actively contributing.

Do all streaming platforms allow you to check who is watching your stream?

Not all. On platforms like Twitch and Facebook, you have some ability to see who is watching, whereas, on others like Youtube, you do not