It’s 2023, and streaming is a massively competitive activity that’ll pit you against the world’s top content creators. It’s a fact of life that you’ll need every tool possible in your kit to defeat them and become the next top streamer, but it can be quite an investment. Today, we’re taking a look at one piece of that kit, teaching you everything you need to know about the winningest Streamlabs overlays that can make your content pop.

Sure, your favourite streamer’s bubbly personality, comedic genius, or wild stories would keep you hooked. Still, we’ve researched enough to know that ‘overlays’ are where the magic is. Streamlabs overlays are the most popular option, and it’s a simple fact that the interactivity of a person’s stream and how it conveys that streamer’s brand is a crucial aspect of streaming.

Having a stream that is both interactive and gives out the location of a piece of history is an exciting moment. While other resources like Streamlabs commands are also essential, do read on to learn more about achieving an interactive streaming experience using Streamlabs overlays.


Everything a Streamer Should know About Streamlabs Overlays

If the first question on your mind is, what do you need to start streaming? Streamlabs overlays are one of the first things to consider. They are graphics or animations that can be added to a live stream on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube to enhance the visual appeal of the stream and make it more engaging for viewers. These overlays can include things like a webcam frame, a stream title, a donation goal, or a follower count. They can also have more complex animations, such as alerts for new followers, subscribers, or donations.

There are various ways to create and customize overlays for Streamlabs. Some popular options include:

  • Using pre-made templates or overlays from the Streamlabs library or other sources such as Envato Elements.
  • Creating custom overlays using graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • The Streamlabs OBS software also allows users to create and edit overlays using a visual editor.

Once created, overlays can be added to a stream using the Streamlabs OBS software. The software allows users to add and position the overlay on the stream and customize its appearance and behaviour. For example, users can set the overlay to appear only during certain events, such as when a new subscriber joins the stream or disappears after a certain period.

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The Different Types of Streamlabs Overlays

There are several different types of Streamlabs overlays that streamers can use to enhance the visual appeal of their streams. Some of the most common types include:

Webcam Overlays 
These overlays are typically used to frame the streamer’s webcam feed and can include things like a background image or animation and text or other elements to identify the streamer.

Stream Information Overlays

These overlays display information about the stream, such as the stream title, the streamer’s name, and the current number of viewers.

Alert Overlays

This function notifies viewers of events such as new followers, subscribers, or donations. They often include animations or sound effects to grab viewers’ attention.

Interactive Overlays

These overlays allow viewers to interact with the stream in various ways, such as by clicking a button to be directed to the streamer’s website or social media profile.

Game-specific Overlays

These overlays are designed specifically for a particular game and can include elements such as a game-specific background or a display of the streamer’s in-game stats. Examples are overlays that prominent LoL streamers use to hide their map and other sensitive information to avoid ‘stream sniping.’

Branding Overlays

These overlays include elements such as logos, sponsors, and other branding elements used to promote the streamer or their sponsors. They are usually found on the streams of popular streamers who have become Twitch partners or Affiliates.

Transitions and Animations

These overlays’ function helps to add visual effects to the stream, such as transitions between scenes or animations that can highlight certain events in the stream. In most cases, overlays like this aim to make a Twitch stream look better through added visual effects and creative animations. Examples are animations or customized pictures are shown when a game is on a loading screen.

Various Streamlabs overlays are customized to suit tastes and are compatible with the streamer’s brand, style, and preferences. Using them effectively is vital to achieving the desired results. Using overlays can be an effective way to improve the visual appeal of a stream and can help to make the stream more engaging for viewers.

Additionally, by personalising your Streamlabs settings and using interactive overlays, streamers can attract new viewers and encourage them to interact with the stream in various ways.

Tips for Using Streamlabs Overlays

One important thing to remember is that the overlays should be well-designed and manageable, as this can make it harder for viewers to focus on the actual content of the stream. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure the overlays only take up a little screen space, as this can make it harder for viewers to see the video content.

It is also important to note that some platforms, such as Twitch, have guidelines on how useful overlays, panels, and other streaming resources are and what they can include. Hence, checking these guidelines before using a panel or overlay on a live stream is essential.

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Even the most basic overlay makes a difference. (Image Credit: Tarik)


Overall, Streamlabs overlays are a valuable tool for streamers looking to enhance the visual appeal of their streams and increase viewer engagement. The right design and use can make a stream more visually exciting and engaging for viewers and also help you grow on platforms like Twitch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my custom images and graphics in my Streamlabs overlay?

You can use your custom images and graphics in your Streamlabs overlay.

How do I add a Streamlabs overlay to my stream?

You can add a Streamlabs overlay to your stream by logging into your Streamlabs account and accessing the overlay editor. From there, you can customize and add different elements to your overlay and then link it to your streaming software.

Is it possible to use multiple overlays on a single stream?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple overlays on a single stream; you can switch between overlays or use different overlays for different stream segments.

Can I use a Streamlabs overlay on other streaming platforms besides Twitch?

Yes, Streamlabs overlays are compatible with other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer.