If you’re trying to learn how to become a streamer, you may have been recommended a piece of software called Streamlabs OBS. This is one of the best apps you can use to stream, boasting several key advantages that’ll boost your content and help you draw in more viewers. Today, we’re bringing you a one-stop Streamlabs OBS guide, telling you everything you need to know about the platform.

From how to use Streamlabs to how to download Streamlabs in the first place, we’ve answered all your questions in this guide. It’s tough enough becoming a streamer without worrying about the ins and outs of your broadcasting software, and that’s why we’ve put together this list. So, if you’ve been asking yourself ‘is Streamlabs good’, look no further than this guide.

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How to Download Streamlabs

Like many desktop apps, Streamlabs aims to be as accessible as possible, and that means it’s incredibly easy to download it. If you’re stuck on how to download Streamlabs, you can follow these bizarrely simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Streamlabs.com
  2. Click the big, green button that reads ‘Download Streamlabs Desktop’
  3. Follow the setup process
  4. Become a streamer

It really is that simple. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that, if you’re learning how to become a streamer, you may want to use OBS Studio as an alternative app. For the most part, Streamlabs OBS is a resource-heavy piece of software that’ll sap both your GPU and CPU. So, if you’ve not got a top-tier streaming setup that includes a powerful PC, you may experience issues.

Oh, and there’s also a mobile app for Streamlabs, which can be downloaded through the Google Play or iOS stores. This will enable you to use your phone as a ‘stream controller’, binding buttons that will do certain things on your stream.

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Is Streamlabs Good?

In 2021, something of a controversy rose up regarding Streamlabs’ ownership and their behaviour both on and with their platform. It was a tricky situation that ultimately led to the alienation of some of the platform’s biggest supporters. If you’re wondering today who uses Streamlabs, then the number has decreased somewhat from where it was before the end of 2021. For instance, the likes of Pokimane cut ties with Streamlabs following this scandal, instead opting to use OBS Studio.

With that being said, Streamlabs is a good piece of software, and it’s a powerful app at that. It offers streamers and content creators the ability to record and stream gameplay – or anything else, for that matter – to however big an audience they can amass. While the Streamlabs requirements are a little tougher than OBS Studio’s requirements, it’s for good reason. Everything from the interface to the integrated widgets is better with Streamlabs OBS.

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Is Streamlabs Free?

Like OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS is free – but unlike OBS Studio, there’s an optional paid upgrade called Streamlabs Ultra. With this service, streamers unlock key benefits that boost their content, such as more engagement features, themes, and overlays. It’s an intelligent solution for streamers looking to add a little zing to their content, but it’s by no means necessary, and there are free alternatives out there that do the exact same thing.

But yes, the base version of Streamlabs is free.

Is Streamlabs Safe?

We’ll use this portion of our Streamlabs OBS guide to set your mind at ease – yes, Streamlabs is safe. There’s typically a concern with free software and the general worry that, as it’s free, something must be wrong with it. How can such a powerful solution possibly be free? Well, don’t worry – even though Streamlabs is free, it’s totally safe and legitimate, and it won’t cause you any issues if you decide to download and run it.

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Streamlabs offered a high-tech interface for the low cost of nothing

How Does Streamlabs Work?

Once you’ve opened the app for the first time, you may immediately be searching oStreamlabs OBS Guide ᐈ How to Get Started in 2023This is our one-stop Streamlabs OBS guide that will help you get started. ➥ Is it Free? Is it Safe? How does it work? ★ Learn everything you need to know!nline for guides on how to use Streamlabs. It’s not the simplest of programs, and it can be a little confusing for first-time users. There are a few key pointers to remember when using Streamlabs:

  • Streamlabs is all about docks – windows that can be manipulated to give you the layout that you desire.
  • Streamlabs is also all about ‘scenes‘ – modifiable scenarios that you can switch between that might boast various arrangements for microphones, cameras, and visuals.
  • Getting started with Streamlabs is easy, but mastering it is difficult, and there are countless guides online designed to show you how Streamlabs works – make use of them.
  • If you’re wondering, ‘does Streamlabs have a video editor’, then you’re in luck – it does, but it’s called Streamlabs Editor, and it’s a different download.
  • Streamlabs can link with many of the best live streaming apps, from YouTube and Twitch to TikTok, which should mean that you’re totally covered.
  • Does Streamlabs have a watermark? No, it doesn’t – even in the free version.

It’s a case of spending a little time and effort creating your scenes, setting up your equipment, and then carefully thinking about what it is that you want to play. While you may have downloaded Streamlabs OBS, there’s still a long journey ahead, especially if your goal is to become the most subbed Twitch streamer in history!

Everything Else You Need to Know About Streamlabs

Before we wrap up our Streamlabs OBS guide, let’s shoot through a few more pressing points.

How to Become a Top Streamer with Streamlabs

Between Streamlabs and OBS Studio, you’ve got some of the best live-streaming software on the market, but how can you take full advantage of it? If your goal is to become a top-tier streamer, there’s plenty that you can do to accomplish that goal.

Here are some of our best streaming tips to help you become a better content creator:

  • Engage with your audience wherever possible, inviting the participants of your chat to communicate openly with you.
  • If you need to, build a personality that you slip into on stream, even if that means faking confidence when in front of the camera.
  • If you’re able to, be good at the games you play – or be so hilariously bad that it makes for equally great content.
  • Focus on improving your streaming setup over time, and at the very least, make sure you have a camera and a microphone.
  • Try to be original and avoid copying anything an established streamer has already done.
  • Diversify your portfolio and spread your content around, making use of channels like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

With this Streamlabs OBS guide, it’s our desire to bring you as much information as possible about the app. Not only that, we want to encourage you to be as good a streamer as possible – and that’s why we’ve provided these world-class streaming tips.

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