Many experienced streamers now making good money from streaming will mention they have tried and tested numerous software in the past just to find the best solution out there. Throughout all of the available applications, one stands out as the most recognisable and popular among streamers, and that is Streamlabs. This is a top-rated application amongst beginners for its ease of use, multi-stream features, and VIP support. However, the feature to focus on is the ease of use, which is the sole goal of the Streamlabs commands.

For those who do not know, with streaming software, specific commands are available for the streamers to control specific interactions and interact better with their viewers and fans. Thus, this article will guide you through the basics and some of the valuable commands on Streamlabs, which would make streaming more fun and easy.

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Features of Streamlabs

Streamlabs is some of the best streaming software that allows users to stream their gameplay, live events, and other content on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. In addition, the software includes various features, including overlays, alerts, and chatbot commands, that can enhance the streaming experience for both the streamer and the viewer.

One of the most popular features of Streamlabs is its overlays. These are customizable graphics added to a stream to enhance its visual appeal. Overlays can include webcam frames, stream information, and social media links, using Streamlabs’ built-in overlay editor or pre-made templates from the Streamlabs store.

Another popular feature of Streamlabs is its alerts. Alerts are notifications that appear on the stream when a viewer performs a specific action, such as subscribing or donating. Using Streamlabs, alerts can be customized to match the streamer’s branding and include sound effects, animations, and images. They can also be set up to appear on the stream automatically or triggered manually by the streamer.

If used properly, these unique features of Streamlabs can attract new viewers to your stream and keep your current fans engaged in creative ways. Ultimately, efforts like this will help any streamer grow on Twitch.

Streamlabs Variants

Like any suitable software, there exist some variants of Streamlabs that function in different platforms to bring about the streaming experience possible with the use of its custom commands. Their variants are;

Streamlabs Console

This variant of Streamlabs is geared towards the console experience, and it offers a more straightforward solution for those who wish to stream on their consoles as opposed to PC ( not to be confused with streaming your PS4 or Xbox to discord). Streamlabs console allows you to stream with your console without using a capture card and comes with special commands and Keybinds for consoles.

Streamlabs Mobile

Yet another excellent variant geared towards the mobile streaming community. This feature allows you to stream games from your phone and stream directly from your mobile camera. Additionally, it enables multi-streams over different platforms and widgets as well.


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Everything a Streamer Should know About Streamlab Commands

Streamlabs also includes a chatbot to help streamers manage their chats and interact with viewers. This feature is even more helpful if you decide to stream on Twitch. This chatbot can be programmed with various commands that viewers can use to access information, play games, or perform other actions. Some popular Streamlabs commands include:

  • !commands: This command displays a list of all the available chatbot commands.
  • !points: This command displays the viewer’s current points.
  • !song: This command displays the current song.
  • !uptime: This command displays the streamer’s current uptime.

In addition to these basic commands, the chatbot can also be programmed with more complex commands. For example, a streamer could create a Streamlabs command that allows viewers to play a trivia game or vote on a poll.


Streamlabs is a powerful streaming software that can help streamers enhance their streams and interact with their viewers. Its overlays, alerts, and chatbot commands are just a few features that make it a popular choice among prominent streamers.

Besides shedding light on the unique features of Streamlabs, this streaming guide has also covered most of the basic information needed to understand certain differences between Streamlabs and OBS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between Streamlabs and OBS?

Streamlabs Desktop is built on top of the OBS engine. Streamlabs also licenses the OBS engine under its open-source general public license (GPLv2), and it would not be possible without their years of hard work.

Which streaming platforms does Streamlabs support?

Streamlabs supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Trovo, and custom RTMP destinations.

What percentage of my tips does Streamlabs take?

Streamlabs does not take a cut from your tips. The only fees you will be charged for funds received through Streamlabs tip links are standard processing fees imposed by the payment processor.

Can I use Streamlabs on my console or mobile device?

Yes. You can stream from your Xbox to Twitch using Streamlabs Console. To stream to other platforms or from other consoles, you can also use a capture device and Streamlabs Desktop.

However, this accessibility depends on the settings of the console or mobile device, so please make sure you have enabled streaming on your devices. Using the Streamlabs mobile app, you can also stream games and your camera from your smartphone or tablet.

How much does Streamlabs cost?

Streamlabs comes with everything you need to record video and live stream successfully for free, including live streaming software with dozens of widgets, built-in overlay themes and alerts, a tip page, and Cloudbot moderation tools. Streamlabs Ultra is an entirely optional upgrade intended to help add an extra level of production value. The average cost of Streamlabs Ultra is $19/month or discounted when billed annually at $149/year.