If you’re a Twitch streamer, then making use of channel points is a fun and easy way to boost your engagement values. It’s a simple solution that’ll enable deeper interaction with your content, encouraging viewers to connect with you by redeeming one of the many rewards or challenges you may have available. In this guide, we’ll break down the top channel points Twitch ideas, giving you the inspiration needed to take advantage of the platform’s feature.

Twitch has promoted channel points as a tool for engagement for years. It’s an easy way to directly connect with your viewers, and when it comes to setting them up, you’re bound only by your creativity. Now, let’s suggest that you’re not the most creative person in the world – which is fine. With this guide to the best channel points Twitch ideas, you can fake it until you make it, putting in place some highly entertaining and engaging channel point redemptions.


What Are Channel Points?

Before wondering how to get channel points on Twitch, you may first be curious about what they actually are. Well, channel points are a tokenised, digital ‘currency’ that a viewer earns for sitting and watching any particular stream. These channel points accumulate over time and are boosted for things like engagement, chatting, or being subscribed to that particular streamer. They can be redeemed against custom or Twitch-created ‘redemptions’ that the streamer has set up.

For instance, a streamer may set up a channel point redemption that costs five hundred channel points. Typically, a viewer can earn that amount in around two hours, meaning that if they sit and watch for that amount of time, they’ll have earned enough channel points to ‘buy’ that redemption. They can also be used in other ways, such as in polls, or to fund community targets.

Best Channel Points Twitch Ideas

There really is no end to the number of ideas you can think of for ways of using your Twitch channel points. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with streaming or are the most subbed streamer on Twitch, channel points are powerful, and they can constantly boost your engagement. Here are some of the best ideas for channel points that you can use on your Twitch channel.

Choose the Next Game

With this reward, invite viewers to select the game that you’ll play next.

Suggested Value: 2,000

Choose the Raid Target

When raiding on Twitch, you can give another streamer a little boost – let your audience decide who to raid.

Suggested Value: 1,500

Posture Check

This simple reward directly encourages you to sit in a healthier position.

Suggested Value: 100

Tier List

With this reward, viewers can request that you complete a Tier List of any given topic.

Suggested Value: 1,200

End Stream

It’s a dramatic one, but it’s quite fun – and there’s nothing stopping you from going live again immediately after!

Suggested Value: 100,000

Tweet for Me

It’s important to follow the Twitter terms of service, but allow your viewers to tweet on your behalf with this redemption.

Suggested Value: 4,000


Like Posture Check, Hydrate is a healthy, beneficial redemption that’ll help you out.

Suggested Value: 100

You Laugh, You Lose

Once this has been redeemed, the streamer will have to take part in a ‘You Laugh, You Lose’ challenge on YouTube.

Suggested Value: 3,500

Draw a Picture

Using something like Microsoft Paint, the streamer must draw a picture as requested by the viewer.

Suggested Value: 2,500

Gifted Sub

This one has a financial impact, but it can be useful for rewarding long-time viewers.

Suggested Value: 15,000

best channel points twitch ideas cover

Consider setting an award that’ll see you wear a costume on stream.

Dance for Me

Perhaps the streamer could dance on camera for one minute following the redemption of this reward.

Suggested Value: 6,000

Highlight Message

As one of the most common channel points Twitch ideas, this one is automatically set by Twitch, and it allows users to visibly highlight their message in the chat.

Suggested Value: 300

Review Something

Whether it’s an anime or another streamer’s channel, encourage viewers to ask you to review something.

Suggested Value: 2,250

Pick Where We Land

If you’re a Call of Duty streamer, you can let viewers tell you where to land in your next game of Warzone.

Suggested Value: 1,000

Game-Specific Redemptions

On that note, consider setting up rewards for specific games. For instance, a redemption that would only let you use grass-type Pokémons for your next battle.

Suggested Value: Dependent on redemption

Roll an Ad

This reward technically benefits the streamer more than the viewer, but it’s still a good addition and one of the great channel points Twitch ideas.

Suggested Value: 900

Burn Your Points

As a bizarre, last option, you can let viewers quite literally destroy their points, redeeming them to get nothing in return.

Suggested Value: 100 (Repeatable)

So, that’s our breakdown of the top channel points ideas for Twitch. We hope you’ll find them useful as you start on your path to becoming a Twitch streamer. As always, don’t hesitate to check out our streaming tips guides for more advice.