If you’re new to Twitch or are thinking of becoming a Twitch streamer, you may have seen an activity called ‘raiding’. This is an engagement tool that allows a streamer to share their community with another creator, inviting their viewers (whenever they desire) to jump into another creator’s broadcast as a group. It’s an instant boost to the streamer that is raided, and in this guide, we’ll teach you how to raid on Twitch yourself.

As it’s an accessible tool, a raid can be deployed with just a few clicks of a mouse. There are a few ‘terms and conditions’ to be aware of, but for the most part, it’s a free-to-use device that helps even the smallest of streamers build up a network and a community. If you’re trying to learn how to raid someone on Twitch, look no further than this guide, as it’ll tell you everything you need to know.

how to raid on twitch

What is a Raid on Twitch?

Let’s say you’re approaching the end of your stream on Twitch and you’ve got twenty or thirty viewers still watching your channel. If you want to support another streamer and ‘share the love‘, then you can set up a raid, giving your community the opportunity to enter another streamer’s broadcast en-masse. There are no restrictions to who you can raid, but some creators will have the option switched off – you’ll be notified of that before you actually engage in the raid.

It’s a case of simply picking a streamer and then typing in the raid command. Then, a short waiting window will pop up while your viewers either opt into the raid or leave, and at that point, it’s a case of moving over and sharing your community. In the past, there have been some controversies surrounding Twitch raids, with some malicious individuals using the function for nefarious purposes.

However, for the most part, Twitch raids are a fun way to boost up a streamer that might be somewhat smaller than yourself. Traditionally, any viewers that enter a stream via a raid will have a message to share and emojis to use, and typically, they’ll follow the new streamer as well, giving them instant growth.

So, if you’ve been wondering what is a Twitch raid – that’s it.

How to Raid Someone on Twitch

If you’re trying to learn how to grow on Twitch, one of the best things you can do is build a network. That can be accomplished by regularly raiding other streamers – but you can’t expect the same to happen to you! It’s a give-and-take game for sure, but the only way you’re likely to be raided is if there are people out there who want to raid you. In some cases, you can join Discord servers that actively participate in raiding one another at the end of everyone’s respective streams.

These are the steps that you’ll need to follow to raid someone:

  1. Type /raid into your channel’s chat window, followed by the channel name of the streamer that you want to raid.
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    If you don’t want to do that, then find your streamer dashboard on Twitch and click Raid Channel as a quick action, then search for another streamer’s channel.

  3. Once you’ve kicked off the pre-raid window, your viewers will be given the option to opt into the raid itself.
  4. When you’re happy with the number of viewers waiting to actively participate in the raid, then you can simply hit ‘raid now‘.
  5. End your stream (or continue to broadcast the raid itself) and take part in the other streamer’s community.

There are some streamers that will actively turn off raids – it’s a personal choice, after all. Furthermore, most large creators either won’t have raids or the raids that you throw their way ‘won’t be appreciated’. This is because they’ll likely have tens of thousands of viewers, and if a small streamer raids them with three or four viewers, it ultimately means very little to them.

It sounds harsh, but that’s just the nature of the game.

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How to Turn Off Raids on Twitch

When you’re putting together a streaming setup and figuring out your settings, you can determine whether or not you want to accept raids. It can be an important setting for some, as many creators simply don’t appreciate the unexpected surprise of a complete stranger raiding them. On the other hand, some creators welcome the concept with open arms, and they’ll open their channel to every other streamer possible.

Here’s the simple process to follow to turn off raids on Twitch:

  1. Go to your creator dashboard on Twitch
  2. Access the settings tab, then the stream tab, and navigate to the ‘Raids’ bank of options
  3. Here, you can either select to allow all raids, deny all raids, or set up custom options to only around raids from a streamer with a certain number of viewers, for example
How to Turn Off Raids on Twitch

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That’s everything you need to know about how to raid on Twitch – check out our other guides for more tips for streaming!

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