Twitch is one of the greatest streaming platforms to get into if you love talking and interacting with a community. It’s also the best place to share your passionate love for something or a certain skill you are good at. Because of this, a lot of streamers see Twitch as more than a hobby and plan on making it a full-time thing. With Twitch bits, every streamer has a chance to monetize their content and create bigger motivational goals for themselves. Twitch Bits can also be seen as a way to support your favourite streamers and express how you feel about them while helping them grow on Twitch.


What are Twitch Bits?

So, what is a ‘Twitch bit’?

Twitch Bits are the purple animated currency that looks like a diamond but in different forms. In technical terms, it is a currency you can buy as a viewer to cheer your favourite streamer. You can add some personalized messages with it, giving yourself the attention of the streamer. By offering bits to streamers, you are supporting their channel and cheering them on for their success.

Your viewers can acquire bits through various actions on Twitch, like watching ads or purchasing them on the platform. Streamers can use this money to work on their content, making it much better than before. Viewers will also get awesome badges that they can display on their names if they continue to support the streamer through bits.

When you send bits to your favourite streamer, it plays a nice Twitch bit sound effect, and the Twitch bit icon can vary depending on how it looks. Twitch bits are only available for Twitch partners and Twitch streamers on the Affiliate program, and they are one of the ways creators easily make money when streaming on Twitch. It is also important to know that if you get banned on Twitch, you might lose your access to use bits.

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How Much is a Bit on Twitch?

A Twitch bit is still a bit, meaning you will have to convert it when you want to calculate how much one has paid to you as a streamer. In summary, 100 Twitch bits is approximately 1.40 dollars on Twitch. Once you purchase bits and donate to the streamer, you are donating 1.40 dollars to the streamer if you donate 100 bits. There are also several discounts available on the site, and you buy them in packages. Here are some of the costs of the available packages, mapped out in a Twitch bits to dollars exchange rate.

  • 100 bits=$1.4
  • 500 bits=$7
  • 1,000 bits=$10
  • 1,500 bits=$19.95
  • 5,000 bits=$64.4
  • 10,000 bits=$126
  • 25,000 bits=$308

How Can I Buy Twitch Bits?

To support your creator with bits, you have to purchase these bits from Twitch with real money, and you can also buy based on increments. First, you will need to know how much a bit is on Twitch and how you can purchase them. This means you cannot buy just one bit but 100 bits, 200 bits, 2000 bits, and so on.

There are different channels you can use to pay, like linking your Paypal to Twitch or Amazon, but you can also pay with your credit card. Be sure not to abuse the Twitch bits or trade them illegally, as people are getting banned on Twitch for it.

Additionally, you must be logged in to purchase Twitch bits. After logging in, you can successfully make a purchase by going to the right-hand corner of the chat after you click the “Get bits” button. There, you will see the Twitch bit prices. Different Packages will come up, and you can choose which one you want.

How to Cheer on Twitch

Once you have your bits, you can now cheer your favourite streamer by choosing the bit section in your chat box. To do this, you pick your cheer emote that goes with your message, and finally, you pick how many bits you want to give to the streamer on Twitch. Once that is done, you can send it. Regardless of the amount, Your streamer should be grateful for your effort in supporting the channel and helping them make quality content.

If you do not want to go through that stress, you can easily type cheer(number of bits)(message) in your chatbox. For example, you can send in “Cheer100, I love your art,” and you will be able to cheer faster. As a streamer, there are also other shortcuts that can help when engaging with your viewers to make everything easier when you begin streaming on Twitch.

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How to Get Free Cheer Bits on Twitch

There are many ways you can get free Twitch bits. You can do some activities on Twitch, and they will reward you with Twitch bits you can spend to support your favourite streamer. These activities are very easy to do and require you to be on the Twitch website or app.

1. Get Bits by watching Ads

Twitch’s Addition of Ads to the platform has given a bigger channel for streamers to make good income on their account. Viewers can also take advantage of this. If you are a streamer, you can decide how many ads your viewers can watch on your stream, and you can also check on unique ways you can remain creative to improve your Twitch stream.

Firstly you need to click on the bit icon in the corner of your chat. There, an option will come up. Click the button to get bits. Once you click it, you can choose to watch ads. Keep in mind that if you have watched ads before, they might be inaccessible to you.

Once you choose to watch ads, another dialogue box will open where you will watch the ad. After you are done, you will be given 5-10 bits.

It is known that Twitch resets its Watch Ad feature every midnight, so the best way to take advantage of this is to watch around that time.

2. Getting Free bits by TwitchRPG

TwitchRPG, or Twitch Research Power Group, is the official centre that Twitch uses to survey streamers and viewers on how to make the site better. They mostly put up emotes and other topics to vote on. Sometimes, they offer surveys and pay 500 bits for completing them. You have to be quick to enjoy this reward as they only give it to a specific number of people.

All you need to do is sign up for TwitchRPG with your verified email, and then you’ll get a special email for a survey.

You can then follow the link from your email to the survey and fill it out immediately to get your 500 bits.

3. Getting Free Bits by Completing Google Opinion Reward

Google offers rewards for completing important surveys on their app. First, you must download the app and log into your Google account. Once you fill out a survey, you can choose your rewards.

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Be at top-tier streamer like Ludwig and people will give you plenty of Twitch bits (Image Credit: Ludwig)

How to Get Money from Twitch Bits

Since one twitch bit is equal to one cent, we can say that as a streamer, you can calculate the money for your bits by using this rate. Regardless, Twitch only allows withdrawals when you have up to 100 dollars worth of bits. This means you have to earn up to $100 of bits before you can withdraw your money. You can do that by creating better content and interacting with your community in creative ways. To this end, you can also find some just-chatting stream ideas to keep your viewers engaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are 5000 bits on Twitch?

Just like any other currency, you can calculate how many bits are in USD by knowing how much one bit is. One hundred bits is One dollar, so 5000 bits is 50 dollars.

How much is $100 to bits on Twitch?

Since 5000 bits is 50 dollars, 10,000 bits should be 100 dollars. This is easy to calculate based on 100 bits being 1 dollar.

Do streamers get 100% of their bits?

Streamers who are partnered with Twitch get 80% of their bits, and the extension developer gets 20% of the bits. This is to promote the community and give credit to the extension developers.