With Twitch offering new ways to monetise content, linking your financials to Twitch is crucial as it allows your viewers to donate without difficulties. It also allows you to have a basic income on Twitch and get adequately paid. Unfortunately, most new streamers make the mistake of waiting until they start making enough money on Twitch before learning how to link PayPal to Twitch, which could lead to future problems. Setting up and finalising your finances before you even start streaming is always good.

To this end, this guide to streaming will shed some light on how to keep your money safe by learning the secrets behind how to link PayPal to Twitch once and for all.

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What is PayPal?

PayPal is a well-known online finance platform that lets you collect and send money from anywhere worldwide. You can also conveniently make purchases with the platform, which generally helps manage your finances and makes getting paid online much more effortless.

Having PayPal can make remote work, online businesses, and other online or freelancing contracts easier for you. With PayPal, you can get paid through various supported platforms and quickly move money across them. Ultimately, it is a trusted platform where streamers on Twitch can choose to leave their money or withdraw it after receiving funds through the platform. By understanding how to link your PayPal to Twitch, you’ll also be able to access your payments from Twitch by getting an account.

How to Link Your PayPal to Twitch

Here are simple steps every streamer should follow to link their PayPal to their Twitch accounts.

  • Step One: Open a PayPal.me account. This differs from your regular PayPal account since it allows you to send payment links and create a profile.
  • Step Two: Once you have done this, click the ‘more’ button on the menu.
  • Step Three: In the bottom corner, click the ‘get started’ to manage your PayPal.me profile.
  • Step Four: Ensure your PayPal.me link is active so people can send you money through this link.
  • Step Five: Copy your PayPal.me link and take it to Twitch. It would be best if you used it to create a donation link so your fans can donate separately from buying Twitch subs and donate directly to you.
  • Step Six: Create an Info panel. To do that, you can learn how to add panels and add overlays to your stream to make it more detailed and organized. This will make donation links and other payment methods on Twitch easier to spot for viewers.
  • Step Seven: Once that is done, simply paste your ‘PayPal.me’ link to the donation info panel, and you have successfully connected your PayPal to your Twitch Account.
  • Step Eight: In the bottom corner, click the ‘get started’ option to manage your PayPal.me profile.

Tips on Using PayPal for Twitch Donations

There is still a ton of information you need to know regarding PayPal. Unfortunately, some viewers can be sneaky and try to take advantage of your position as a streamer through different techniques, the most popular being fake donations.

Fake donations are donations that viewers make but report so they can be refunded or cancel the transaction so the money will always stay in their account. It is considered a sick way of teasing the streamer or trying to gain attention.

It would be best if you were careful not to share sensitive information like your personal details or passwords. Also, avoid opening PayPal on stream, and refrain from bringing it as a topic in front of donors. As a streamer, ensure you always prioritize the security of your account so you can freely spend your hard-earned Twitch money using PayPal on other safe sites to upgrade your streaming setup or for other personal reasons.

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TimTheTatman is a streamer who earns lots from donations. (Image Credit: TimTheTatman)

Disadvantages of Accepting Donations from Viewers via PayPal on Twitch

Like any payment platform, using PayPal on Twitch also comes with certain risks. A widespread concern in the Twitch community is the issue of children stealing their parents’ credit cards and donating insane amounts of money to their favourite streamers.

However, when PayPal intervenes, they often try to ensure the parents can get all or most of their money back depending on the amount lost and the time period.

As a leading provider of payment solutions, the teams at PayPal are continuously looking for solutions to problems like this. Their customer support is also always available to help with similar issues or other fraudulent cases. In addition, PayPal has evolved as a popular platform for gamers, content creators, and Twitch streamers, allowing them to provide more unique services for streamers.


Connecting your PayPal to your Twitch page will boost your income and allow interaction between viewers to become more positive on the platform. It will also allow you to have a failsafe when Twitch’s subs and bits start getting wonky.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I make a PayPal business or personal account?

A PayPal Business account is your best bet as it allows you to handle your finances more commercially.

Can you use another finance platform instead of PayPal?

Yes, you can. Still, you will be giving up better benefits and security for another platform. Also, PayPal is a more popular payment platform for most viewers.