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Virtus pro, aka VP, are one of the top esports teams in the world, and has been involved in the competitive gaming scene from as early as 2003. Seeing as they’ve been around for more than a decade, it marks VP as one of the few groups that have many years of experience to boast about. Many a fan might even argue that this seasoned knowledge has been instrumental in their success. Although VP is best known for competing in all the biggest Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, they’ve also taken part in many Dota 2 competitions. Due to them engaging with so many different tournaments, VP battle against other teams all over the world, however their team’s main bases are in Russia and Poland.

The VP Team

It goes without saying that no esports team is able to achieve success quite like VP has without having players that are at the top of their game. Going off of the roster alone, we can see that VP has a diverse range of experience, with their current roster consisting of TaZ, NEO, pashaBiceps, byali, and Snax. If you take a look at the stats of each member, they’ve amassed over 5,000 maps when combined altogether, which is a staggering total, we can all agree.Out of all the players listed, TaZ has the highest rating, which would normally make him the most experienced. However, it’s pashaBiceps that’s said to be the best that VP has to offer.

PashaBiceps Profile

PashaBiceps has achieved a lot with his skills and prowess, playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive on an international scale. Considered to be one of the greatest, his credentials speak volumes, with him having worked with the Golden Five (a Polish group of elite CS:GO players), as well as a couple of other teams, before moving on to join Virtus pro.

PashaBiceps has generated a considerable amount in prize winnings so far, with the current figure expected to raise as he partakes in more events. He’s amassed such wealth by playing to his strengths, with him best known for operating within two specific roles: Rifler and AWPer. Many have said that PashaBiceps has been instrumental in helping his team walk away with first places again and again at major tournaments. Although we expect this to continue, we have to ask how much longer PashaBiceps will stay with the team before he moves on to bigger and better…?


From the off, VP were determined to make a name for themselves, with the team having proved their mettle by winning first place in the ESL Major Series One Katowice 2014. Not content with this success alone, they also achieved two further wins in 2015, gaining first place in both the ESEA Season 18 Global Invite Division, and the ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational.

Having made such an impact already, the team could have been forgiven for resting on their laurels in 2016, however they continued to strive for the same, or better, results. Consequently, they secured three more big wins at the StarLadder iLeague Invitational No.1, the ELEAGUE Season 1, and the DreamHack Bucharest 2016. Going from strength to strength, VP won The DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017, with their future only looking even brighter for their triumphs.

As you would expect, even more so after all we’ve learned, Virtus pro has many sponsorships in place, with the main ones coming from organisations such as Twitch, Mr.Cat, and FragStore, and these are only just scratching the surface.

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