League of Legends 7.13 Patch notes – Champion changes

A light rundown regarding champion adjustments in Patch 7.13

As usual, Riot tweaked some champions, items and the jungle in an everlasting attempt to balance the game. Expectedly, the SKT skins were released this patch while the leaked champion will be held off in the PBE and await further tests before its release. We can expect to see Kayn in the usual servers (out of PBE) in Patch 7.15, as Riot only just placed him on testing.


@Riot Games

Champion changes

Galio : Since Galio has such an easy time early, especially in the top lane, Riot has reduced his base armor from 27 > 24. Base damage on his “Q” has also been lowered, while the AP scaling on the ability will rise. This will overall make it harder in the laning phase, while increasing his damage slightly in the late game, as he was previously much too powerful as a tank while the game extended. Slight tweak on his ultimate, channel time from 1 > 1.25 seconds.

Gnar : Increased base damage on Gnar’s mini form Q / Boomerang once it is levelled. Range is also tweaked for Gnar’s mega form E, fairly large increase of 475 > 600 range.

Kennen : His W damage is completely being recalculated, away from straight attack damage scaling to a combination of base damage, AD scaling and AP scaling. Kennen’s E, the blue ball of electricity has also received a damage buff, from 0.6 AP scaling to 0.8 AP scaling. This will overall make Kennen most bursty, and encourage players to build AP instead of AD.

Kha’ Zix : Minor changes to Kha’s damage, Q decreased base damage, but isolation damage is increased. R has also been buffed by extending his invisibility duration, overall changes make Kha more of a late game bush camping assassin.

Kindred : Passive buffed, less stacks needed to increase range. W slightly received a damage buff along with his E mark.

Maokai : No idea why, but Maokai’s ult range has been increased from 2500 > 3000 range, and its cooldown has been reduced at level 2 and 3 by 10 and 20 seconds respectively.

Poppy : Minor damage buff of poppy’s Q by 1%, dealing 8% of a target’s maximum health

Rek’Sai : Changes to make Reksai’s movement smoother while his ultimate has been buffed from 1.6 bonus attack damage to 1.85 AD bonus attack damage.

Shaco : E has been tweaked, reducing base damage at all levels while AD scaling has been increased at all levels expect level 1. This will encourage players to level E instead of Q in the early game. In addition, the previous “Finish him” effect has been reworked, and now results in 50% bonus damage based on the target’s missing health.

Trundle : Q now able to chomp turrets (like before). W has also been slightly buffed as healing / regen is increased from 20% to 25% inside the area.

Xayah : Her Q will cast / travel quicker along with more attack speed.