New changes coming soon to ARAM

League’s most popular game mode outside the traditional summoners rift 5 v 5, All Random All Mid, also known as ARAM, will soon be getting some major changes. As most ARAM fans would know, the game mode rarely experiences any testing or changes, with the last major one being the change towards a redemption-like health pack, or the removal and later restoration of Warmogs. In a post, Riot have stated these new changes will take place across patch 9.7, where they will then be evaluated according to player feedback. They will then keep those that have proved to have a positive impact on the community.


© Riot Games

Map change

Howling Abyss will be replaced with Butcher’s Bridge, a mirror of the traditional Howling Abyss, but without the snow theme. Note this change, unlike other that Riot will be testing, will NOT be permanent.

Bans added

A huge shock to the ARAM community: a banning phase will be added in champion select. Each player will be entitled to ban a single champion before champions are randomly assigned. While the change is odd, considering champions are randomly assigned anyway, it will take some frustration away.


© Riot Games

Increased Tempo

ARAM is considered one of League’s shorter game modes for players to enjoy if they lack time for a normal summoner’s rift game. While most games still average just under 20 minutes, there are some instances where games run into excess of 30 minutes. To avoid this, Riot will be speeding up the tempo of the game past 15 minutes, increasing the frequency of minion waves, increasing minion movement speed and finally increase minion damage to structures.

  • Minion wave spawn time: Starts at 25 second, gradually spawn time is lowered at 15:00 to a cap of 15 seconds at 25:00.
  • Minion movement speed: Starts at 325, gradually increases at 15:00 every minute to a cap of 425 at 20:00.
  • Minion damage to structures: Starting at 10% bonus damage at 15:00, bonus damage increases every minute until a cap of 30% at 25:00.

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