Paladins, gameplay guide and more

Paladins, or Paladins: Champions of the Realm, is a hero shooter game that was released by Hi-Rez Studios in September 2016. Although it’s only been around for a couple of years, the Paladins esports scene is really taking off. We are going to have a closer look at Paladins gameplay so that you can play the game better and even land a winning bet on the best Paladins esports teams.

An introduction to the Paladins game

Although it has been frequently been compared to other hero shooters like Overwatch, it’s clear that Paladins’ gameplay marks this out from the competition. Not only do you have plenty of great Paladins champions to choose from, but the team-based action and cards system helped this game to achieve an incredible 17 million downloads within one year of release. Like other hero shooters, the complexity and fast-pace of the game has meant the Paladins esports world is becoming increasingly popular for players and spectators alike. With the Siege game mode providing the perfect opportunity for Paladins esports teams to show the world their skill, it’s clear that this game is only going to become more successful.

If you’re new to the Paladins phenomenon, it might initially seem fairly confusing. So we’ve created a guide to the game that should introduce the most popular Paladins characters and explain some of the more important aspects of the Paladins gameplay. Whilst it might not help you get your hands on any Paladins esports earnings, it could assist you in landing a successful bet on this esports gaming sensation.


What is Paladins all about?

Paladins is a game that exists in a fantasy world that’s packed with elves, goblins, dragons and the occasional human. Not only are there plenty of fun Paladins characters roaming around, but the first-person shooter also includes collectible cards that can boost a player’s powers. And with the chance to level up by mastering each champion, there’s also the opportunity of picking up some decent costumes and weapon skins.

Ever since Hi Rez Studios released Paladins, it suffered frequent comparisons with other hero shooters like Overwatch. Whilst some of the Paladins characters do bear an uncanny resemblance to some of the heroes in the Blizzard Entertainment title, there’s enough here to ensure that Paladins is a game that’s worthy of your attention.

Whilst players of Overwatch can switch characters as and when they see fit, you have to stick with your Paladins champions for the duration of the round. But it’s the fact that Paladins is a free-to-play game that will continue to make Paladins esports live on for much longer as there will be plenty of gamers who will be keen to play this popular first-person shooter game without having to put their own money down.


Paladins gameplay explained in simple terms

Regardless of whether you play Paladins on Xbox, PS4 or PC, then basic components of the game are that you pick one of the Paladins champions who will battle alongside their teammates to defeat the opposing side.

As Paladins is a hero shooter, there’s plenty of fun to be had in working with your team to find the weak spots in your opponents’ strategies and carry out a range of cool tasks. Whilst there are plenty of different game modes like Onslaught and Team Deathmatch, for competitive Paladins esports play, you’ll only need to know the main Siege mode. This requires the teams to try and claim the map’s central area. Once a team has captured this area, they receive one point, and the first team to get four points wins the overall game.

But it’s not just in the gaming arena where you’ll need to use your skill. This is because the Paladins card system is an important place to boost your powers as you choose loadouts that can increase your character’s speed and health. Don’t forget the Legendary cards can grant you even larger bonuses, whilst killing enemies and achieving objectives in a match can also unlock Items that can have incredible effects on your offensive and defensive capacity.


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Paladins Champions

Who are the best Paladins characters to play?

Picking one of the Paladins characters is perhaps one of the most important parts of the Paladins gameplay. As your team are stuck with their choice of Paladins champions for the duration of the game, it’s essential that there’s a good balance of all of the main roles.

All Paladins characters fall into the roles that include Front Line champions like Fernando that protect teammates, Damage characters like Cassie that cause harm to the opposing team, Support champions like Ying who can heal allies, and Flank characters such as Evie who aim to get behind enemy lines.

Although there are well over 30 Paladins characters at the moment, more are constantly being added, and you will need to use in-game currency to access some of the latest Paladins champions.

Paladins esports in 2018

Why you need to watch Paladins esports live

There’s nothing like watching a tournament of Paladins esports live to really see how much fun this game can be. Several players and Paladins esports teams have made some massive Paladins esports earnings over the past few years, and there are plenty of great tournaments that routinely serve up a masterclass in gameplay of this epic first-person shooter.

Top Paladins esports live competitions like the Paladins HRX Invitational and the Paladins Summer Premier have helped this game achieved a good level of visibility. And many more people will read about Paladins esport on Reddit as a result of its inclusion in legendary tournaments like DreamHack.

And it’s not just the Paladins esports earnings that are going sky high, as you can watch Paladins esports on Twitch and take a bet on some of the best players and Paladins esports teams from this great first-person shooter.


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The state of Paladins esports in 2018

Whilst Paladins hasn’t achieved the visibility of CSGO and LoL just yet, it’s clear that the presence of the Paladins esport on Reddit is going to continue to grow. Thanks to a constant stream of new Paladins characters and enviable reports of some massive Paladins esports earnings, it looks like we are going to see much more of this first-person shooter in the months to come. Although there have been plenty of critics who state that the game is too similar to other hero shooters like Overwatch, the state of Paladins esports in 2018 suggests that this game has enough to help it succeed in this fiercely competitive scene.

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Find out what’s happening in Paladins esports in 2018

Whilst you can always research Paladins esport on Reddit or even type ‘Paladins esports’ into Twitch, we wanted to give you a decent resource to keep up with all of the latest action in one place. So we’ve created a special news section where you can see which Paladins esports teams are getting the biggest Paladins esports earnings from the top gaming tournaments. As things are always changing in the Paladins esports live domain, you’re going to need to know which players and teams can help you land a winning bet. So check out our news section to find out the state of Paladins esports in 2018.