Smite, your guide to this mythological battle arena game

There are plenty of awesome battle arena games out there, but Smite is a game like no other as you get to become a god for a day. By choosing one of the Smite gods, you can work as a team to defeat the opposing forces and destroy their Titan. Ever since Hi-Rez Studios released the game, we’ve seen many Smite esports rosters competing for evermore extravagant Smite esports prize pools. So read our review of Smite gameplay to find out how you can get a Smite download and join in the fun.

Why you need to get a Smite download now

Whether you’re playing as a Norse god, an Egyptian goddess or even just as a Celtic deity, it’s clear that Smite offers something a little different from the standard battle arena title. A big reason why so many esports organisations compete for the Smite esports prize pool, is that this game is simply so much fun to play. With great graphics, intuitive gameplay and some awesome Smite esports skins, you can seriously get engrossed in this epic battle arena title. Check out this trailer to see why so many people are counting the days until the start of Smite esports season 5.

There’s a good reason why the Smite esports rosters are always packed full of fresh new talent. That’s because Smite is a game that’s constantly evolving with plenty of new gods and Smite esports skins being released on a regular basis. Despite these additions, the core features of Smite gameplay have stayed roughly the same. So read on to find out how this mythological battle arena title has picked up over 20 million avid gamers.


How Smite become a world-beater

Smite was developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for release on PC in 2014. The battle arena game was such a success that other versions for Xbox One and PS4 swiftly followed as players realised just how much fun you could have as a god in the team-based combat.

Whilst this wasn’t the first battle arena title around, Smite’s mythological themes ensured that it stayed apart from the competition. With the ability to play as gods from Chinese, Greek, and Mayan civilisations, it’s shown that even video gamers can have an interest in some ancient historical themes.

What helped Smite gain millions of fans was the way that Hi-Rez Studios set up a Smite esports system where players could compete in professional leagues. With standard Smite esports teams featuring five players, and a standardised set of Smite esports rules, it looks like this battle arena game is set to continue its incredible run of popularity.


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Smite Gameplay

What Smite esports rules do you need to know?

Smite is similar to many other battle arena titles in that you have to play as a team to defeat an opposing side. Although the video game has many different game modes, the basic elements of Smite gameplay requires players to work as a team to destroy the other team’s Phoenixes and their formidable Titan. In addition to the players that are also non-player minions who can be used to attack opposing forces and destroy their towers, Phoenixes and their Titan.

Before each round, players will have to decide how they use their prescribed gold to buy items that gains them special powers and abilities. And with a wide range of choice in terms of which god they play as, it’s clear that Smite offers plenty of opportunities for strategy.

Whilst much of this sounds similar to other battle arena titles, the use of the third-person perspective helps to make the Smite gameplay feel very different from other releases. And the use of mythological themes certainly helps this game stand apart from the pack.

Smite gods

Which characters are picked by the best Smite esports teams?

As you have to pick a god when you play Smite, there’s plenty of debate about which mythological deity will help you most with your Smite gameplay. But instead of thinking about who the best god is, it’s important to remember that all of the Smite characters have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Assassin gods like Kali and Loki are highly mobile and are capable of some immense burst damage, whilst Guardian gods such as Athena and Ganesha are renowned for their magical powers. Every team should have a good hunter god like Medusa or Apollo to boost their attack, and whilst mage gods such as Aphrodite aren’t too good at taking damage, their incredible magical prowess most than makes up for it.

In addition to this, warrior gods are good all-rounders and many Smite esports rosters have found success with players using gods like Achilles, Odin and Hercules. So just like most other battle arena games, it’s how a team uses a combination of different characters that can boost their chances of getting a piece of that next big Smite esports prize pool.


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Smite esports

Who are the best Smite esports teams?

As Smite is a team-based game, there have been many legendary Smite esports teams emerging over the past few years. Whilst you are never going to be able to completely predict who will win the Smite esports season 5 tournament, there are always a handful of Smite esports rosters who are capable of helping you to land a winning bet.

Smite esports teams like Titan eSports and Epsilon eSports have done some great work in the past, whilst new Smite esports rosters like eUnited have also shown us that they understand how to use Smite esports rules to great effect.

Despite this, it’s hard to deny that COGnitive Gaming have managed to domain the scene with Smite esports prize pool winnings that are over $1.8 million. And whether it’s the final of the Smite World Championship or the start of Smite esports season 5, you know that this epic team have always got their eye on the Smite esports prize pool.

Final Remarks

Final thoughts on the Smite gaming phenomenon

It’s clear that Hi-Rez Studios have done a great job in giving us a multiplayer battle arena title like no other. Not only does this game include plenty of cool mythological features, but the sheer popularity of the Smite esports scene has meant that it has the capacity to attract many new fans. Whilst the Smite esports rules might take some getting used to, there’s enough people out there trading Smite esports skins to suggest that we haven’t seen the last of this epic game just yet.