TFT Patch 9.15 | Nobles and Knights received a much needed buff

If you are a TFT enthusiast, then you probably know that the recent two weeks have been hard for some players. However, players who enjoyed playing Demons and Dragons will not be so satisfied with this patch, while Knights, Guardians, and Nobles are all ready for a huge buff. Voids also got some love from Riot, while Ninjas were reworked. Below you can find more information.

TFT Patch 9.15

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TFT 9.15 Update – Patch Notes

  • Win and loss streaks are more beneficial, Win/Loss = 2/5/8 – 2/4/7
  • New breakpoints for Gunslingers, Brawlers, Shapeshifters, Blademasters.
  • 6 Gunslingers = chance to fire 3 additional attacks
  • 6 Brawlers = All Brawlers gain additional 1200 HP
  • 6 Shapeshifters = Shapeshifters gain 120% bonus health once they transform
  • 9 Blademasters = Blademasters have a chance to gain 4 extra attacks
  • Player damage lowered once they take damage from minions, certain champion tier and star level(spiderlings and elemental golem will now deal 1 instead of 2 damage)
  • Carousel Stage is nerfed from 10 units to 9
  • Assasins received a buff. Now they jump earlier and quicker, while the non-assassin movement is slowed for the start of combat(Evelynn, Katarina, and Rengar were all buffed)
  • Demon Mana Burn nerfed from 25%/50%/85% to 20%/35%/60%, Varus ability damage reduced for the first two stars, Aatrox got a heavy nerf which includes lowering his HP and ability damage, Morgana nerfed as well
  • Dragons got nerfed from 100% magic immunity to 83% magic immunity, Shyvana armor is buffed and Aurelion Sol also got HP and ability damage buff
  • Elementalists received a small buff, Lissandra and Brand received an ability damage buff
  • Guardians received a huge buff, increased 40 armor per stack to 50 armor per stack. However, Guardians won’t buff themselves. Both Braum and Leona received armor buff
  • Knights also received an insane buff. Instead of Knights block 20/40/80 damage, your entire team will ignore 15/30/55 damage from all sources. Almost all Knights received a small buff in the form of increased armor
  • Ninjas got some love as they were not scaling so good in the late game. Ninja trait bonus increased from 40%/80% AD to 40% AD and AP/60% AD and AP. Shen and Zed were buffed, while Kennen and Akali got nerfed
  • Nobles also received an excellent buff. Instead of getting 100 Armor & +35 HP on hit, now you can get 60 armor and MR + life on hit. Vayne AD was nerfed, while the attack speed went up. The same thing happened to Garen
  • Pirate received a decent buff as well. The average gold per chest increased from 1.6 to 1.75. Graves attack speed went up while Twisted Fate cast speed got improved and now his ability deals more damage
  • Voids also received an insane buff. Instead of ignoring 50% armor, Voids will now deal true damage. Kassanding AD went up, while attack speed went down. Khazix received a buff just like Rek’Sai. Cho’Gath also received a small buff, but his knockup ability got nerfed
  • Yordles are viable in the early stage now as you can now have 30%/55% dodge. Take note that Yordles can dodge on-hit effects
  • Locket, Ionic Spark Damage, Hush Silence duration, and Statikk Shiv damage were all nerfed.