Best Bullfrog Warzone Loadout

Now that Call of Duty: Warzone, Season Three has had time to settle in amongst players, in-game there is now more of an emphasis on closer range battles. With a strong array of SMG’s available from Modern Warfare, Cold War and Vanguard, we have found a very effective Bullfrog loadout. In a class where the MP40 is king, Bullfrog doesn’t just compete, but it can excel in many departments.

Due to the nature of Rebirth Island and Caldera, and the fact they provide many close quarter engagements, it is vital to have an efficient SMG class. With a great fire rate, consistent accuracy and moderate recoil, the Bullfrog base weapon can be more effective than most other base weapon versions. Here’s our guide to setting up the best Bullfrog Warzone loadout possible.

Get Levelled Up

Like every other weapon in the game, it is crucial to have your level maxed out. This allows you to select the most effective and efficient attachments, which is what you will need for our loadout. With the Bullfrog, the max rank is 55. With our method going from 1-55, maxing out should take 2-3 hours.


Firstly, use your XP weapon tokens just before you select a game mode. This will allow you to be efficient with your time as the tokens can run down without being in an actual match. Next, equip Double Time, Ghost and Amped. These will allow you to stay of the radar, close in on enemies quickly and utilise more equipment in fights. Next, you need to select Solo Rebirth Island, as you will find more contracts are available.

Primarily focus on contracts and only take fights if completely necessary. Due to having an SMG, bounty contracts are a great choice. If you do not feel confident, supply runs will still provide a good amount of XP. After completion, the next contract will offer a larger XP boost, so make sure to complete multiple contracts each game. Once you hit max level, exit, and start to assemble your full loadout.

Attachments and Perks

Muzzle:GRU Suppressor
Lazer:Tiger Team Spotlight
Magazine:65 Rounds
Stock:KGB Skeletal Stock
Rear Grip:Serpent Wrap
Class Perks:Double Time, Overkill, Amped
Overkill Weapon Choice:KAR98K
Lethal:Throwing Knife

How each Attachment and Perk works together

Bullfrog has a high fire rate and good damage at short range, so we put emphasis on recoil control, hip to fire time, mobility, and durability. Our Muzzle will allow you to stay off the map, which can often lead to getting the jump on opponents. Combined with the Laser, your accuracy and bullet velocity will receive a strong boost, making those close-range duels easier to handle. The addition of a 65 round magazine may only grant you 15 extra shots, but this allows you to stay in the fight longer.

The Stock will increase sprint to fire time, allowing you to pull up and fire in gunfights quicker. In a game where engagements can happen anytime, this is vital. In addition, Serpent Wrap will increase aim down sight time, rounding off this explosive Bullfrog. Our perks will allow us to sprint for longer, Amped will allow for better equipment usage, and Overkill KAR98K will cover us in those longer-range duels.

Recommended Playstyle

With having an Overkill class containing a supercharged Bullfrog and back up KAR98K, why not choose Solo Caldera. You can over time identify strong vantage points and recognise sight lines for both of your weapons. From the start, try to attain a loadout quickly as possible. Be aggressive, you have a powerful SMG for close range and a Sniper for longer range. A great starting point is Docks and Resort.

They will allow you to gage where the circle is going, whilst lessoning the chance of a 360-degree flank. As the circle moves on, you can afford to hold back to the last moments, as your Sniper can tag fleeing opponents. Alternatively, you can get highly active with your Bullfrog and take control of areas, which then gives you ample time to set-up and wait for incoming foes. With many ways to play, this loadout allows you to be passive or aggressive. For us, it’s the best Bullfrog Warzone loadout for any situation.