Best Cold War Settings: The Complete Call of Duty Cold War Pro Settings Guide

Despite Call of Duty: Cold War not having an active CDL presence anymore, its multiplayer still has large activity. When a game has so much variety in terms of maps, strategy, and weapon compositions, it results in one of the best CoD games in recent times. Cold War has those qualities, so for this reason, we have put together a list of Cold War pro settings. Also, we have included some helpful tips, tricks, and weapon classes to help you along.

As a precursor, our settings are not ideal for everyone. We note players must start somewhere and micro-adjustments are essential for success. So, whether you are an AR player who enjoys owning areas, or an SMG user who enjoys causing havoc, here are our best Cold War settings that can elevate your game to the next level.

best cold war settings

Graphics Settings

Like our Call of Duty: Vanguard settings guide, graphics are essential in identifying opponents, and micro-movements. It is best to play on a monitor with a high refresh rate. For example, if you have a 144hz monitor, you will experience noticeable improvements in textures from all ranges. However, despite what some experts say, you do not need a top-of-the-line display to push you to the top. Next, disable Gameplay and Menu V-sync. This will limit graphics to the refresh rate of your display device.

Moving forward, the best CoD players in CDL have field of views ranged between 90-100. Due to the congested nature of competitive play, having an FoV in this range improves overall accuracy and focus. In a game where the smallest differences attain the greatest results, this is an important aspect. Additionally, FoV affected will allow ADS to be closer to your intended value. Finally for graphics, having texture quality on Medium will allow for fewer dropped frames.

Aspects such as brightness and framerate limit are all personal preferences. Depending on your set-up capabilities, try to reduce frame rate and packet loss. Also, ensure your settings limit screen-tears, as you want to notice everything happening in-front of you.

Additional Visual and Audio Support

This game has some extra graphical support, which can give you minor advantages. Having options such as water tessellation and screen space reflection disabled will help. It will take away unnecessary brightness and unneeded realistic effects out of the game. This will allow for more stable frame rates, increasing your chances of accurate shots. Additionally, take weapon shadows off and remove motion blur.

Furthermore, having dynamic shadows On had been a popular choice. This would grant pros in certain situations the ability to notice enemy movements just microseconds before they appear on the screen. Moving forward, your audio choices will be heavily catered to your own preference. However, for an S&D match, you will want the music option at 0 to support focus. Sound effects and dialogue can be important, but always have them lower than the master volume.

cold war pro settings

Controller Settings

Here we have one of the most important, yet highly customizable aspects of the game. As a precursor, these settings will depend on your playstyle, role, and what level your skillset is at. Like Vanguard, most AR and SMG users tend to stick with 6 or 7 for horizontal and vertical stick sensitivity. This allows for the most optimal movement and control balance in competitive play. Remember, finding a balance between accuracy and speed is paramount.

For ADS options, try to stick to the value of one, and with controller vibration, it is totally dependent on you. However, it should be noted that most people currently playing CoD react quicker through feel rather than visual cues.

Weapons Configuration

Now that graphics, audio, and controller settings have been investigated, let us look at what weapons perform well. We will be exploring one weapon for each AR and SMG class. Due to these classes being the most important in every CoD game, we have the ideal setup for Cold War. Our AR choice will include the Krig-6. It may be less mobile than others in its class, but it can be highly accurate and powerful. Below is a list of attachments you should run in competitive play with this weapon. Perks such as Tac Mask, Ninja, and Flak are recommended for this setup.

  • Optic- Microflex LED
  • Barrel- 19.7” Ranger
  • Under Barrel- Field Agent Grip
  • Handle- Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock- Raider Stock

For SMG fanatics, there is no other option outside of the AK74-u. With an extremely fine balance between accuracy, DPS, and mobility, how can this be missed. Below is a list of attachments that can bring the best out. Like our Krig-6 class, we want Ninja, Tac Mask and Flak enabled. This will allow us to negate equipment effects and move around quietly.

  • Muzzle- Spetsnaz Compensator
  • Barrel- 9.3” Extended
  • Under Barrel- Spetsnaz Speedgrip
  • Handle- GRU Elastic Wrap
  • Stock- KGB Skeletal Stock

cold war pro settings

Tips and Tricks

Firstly, ensure you have both an AR and SMG class ready for selection. This will enable you to fit your own team’s needs. If you are playing solo, which most of the current player base are, it is important to have a mix of both weapon classes. Next, identify how to manipulate spawns. On the minimap, you can guess roughly where opponents will be after picking up a kill on them. If player and team positioning is on point, your team can communicate when they see players coming off spawn.

Furthermore, try to learn call-outs, as this will support your squad in pinning enemy teams back and trading more efficiently. However, it is also vitally important to learn rotations in respawn game modes. Even if you are solo queueing, correctly timing a rotation will often beat opponents who leave it to the last second. Utilize pro settings in private play, as this will allow you to become familiar with power positions and structured rotations. With all these settings, recommendations, tips and tricks explained, it is now time for you to play and rise above the competition.

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