Best CoD Vanguard Settings: The Vanguard Pro Settings Used by Top Players

Call of Duty: Vanguard is one of the most entertaining releases from the franchise. The game itself may be coming to the end of its competitive cycle, but there is still plenty to play for. With just one more tournament left, now is the best time to get involved with playing competitively. With a balanced meta, strong map pool, and many variations to play, it is still worth picking up a controller or keyboard to get involved. For this reason, we have put together key components that will help you get the best for your CoD Vanguard settings.

With a game that can be won or lost based on the smallest micro-adjustments, why not balance the odds in your favor. Furthermore, as we are leading closer to MW2, players will now be stacking competitive Vanguard modes to find worthy teammates. The current best Call of Duty: Vanguard pro settings can be transferred to MW2. So, let us look at our comprehensive list. It is sure to improve your experiences and overall performance.

best vanguard settings

Graphics Settings

Firstly, in a game that can be won or lost based on aiming and vision, it is pivotal that graphics are working. In CDL, you may have noticed matches are played on PC but with a PlayStation controller. This allows for the monitor to display better graphics, courtesy of high refresh rates. It is recommended that you play on a 144hz or above monitor. This allows for good performance, grabs more detail, and can refresh frames more quicker. Even the best CoD player in the world will prioritize graphics to gain an advantage.

When you start up the game, go into settings and turn the V-sync function Off. This will then align gameplay limitations to your display settings. Ultimately, this avoids any screen-tearing issues. Additionally, if you limit your in-game frame rate to match the optimal performance rate of the monitor, in-game textures will appear more smoothly. Finally, for graphics, if you turn off Texture Streaming, you can avoid packet loss. Below are our other recommended setting changes.

  • Dynamic Resolution: Off
  • Texture Resolution: Medium
  • Particle Quality: High
  • Particle Resolution: High
  • Tessellation: Off

Camera and Field of View

Now that graphics have been taken care of, it is time for your personal camera and field of view. Like most settings, they can all be customized to fit your preferences. However, we have a great starting point for any willing competitive player. For starters, on gameplay graphics for the camera, turn off world motion blur and weapon motion blur. Also, place camera movement to the lowest settings, and put field of view between 95-105. These four settings are high priority within the professional CDL scene.

For example, SMG players will tend to go for a medium 90’s FoV for focusing on players, whilst AR’s will prefer a larger field to manage. Additionally, ADS Field of view for professionals is turned to affected. This allows your ADS when active, to get closer to the setting value selected in-game.

Controller Settings

This is where settings become more complicated. When in competitive play, there are no right or wrong settings. A good barometer to start from is what vanguard pro settings players select, and then adjust parts until you feel comfortable. Firstly, leave ADS sensitivity multiplier on 1.0. Next, try putting horizontal and vertical stick sensitivity on 6 or 7. A high sensitivity is less important on this title. This is due to the importance of strategy and teamwork being prioritized over individual skills.

If you are an SMG player, being able to consistently move quickly whilst firing accurate shots is pivotal. However, if you are an AR player, a lower sensitivity will help with better micro-adjustments. In Vanguard, missing single bullets can cost you gunfights and the team positioning. So, play public matches to figure out the sweet spot, and then test yourself in competitive playlists.

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call of duty vanguard pro settings

Weapons Settings

With having information on how to set graphics, display, and personalize controller settings out the way, now it is time for some tips and tricks. Yes, we may only have the CDL World Championship left on the professional calendar but expect competitive servers to flood. To prepare yourself, if you can gain any advantage, take it. To start off, try and identify what role you enjoy playing. If you can strengthen your playstyle, you have an extreme chance to support the team and counter-act the enemy.

Speaking of roles, here are the most effective Vanguard weapons in each class. For an SMG player, the MP40 remains king. Over 90% of the pro scene uses this weapon, and when attachments such as Strife Compensator, Stippled Grip and Krausnick 33mm folding are equipped, you can be highly accurate. More attachments can be used, but if those three are on, the rest is dependent on you.

For AR players, we have placed more emphasis on the build. With this class having the main responsibility of holding power positions and locking down areas, we have focused a set-up for this need. For the Automaton, you should try F8 stabilizer, M3 Ready Grip, Anastasia Sniper, FMJ Rounds, Slate Reflector, Stippled Grip, ZAC Skeletal, Sleight of Hand, and On hand. These can be switched around with other attachments, but for this weapon, this loadout can accurately hold up areas from many different angles and ranges.

best settings for vanguard

Other Tips and Tricks

All should know the competitive playlist consists of three modes, Hardpoint, Control, and S&D. Below are a list of the maps for each game mode, along with helpful tips and tricks. As mentioned previously, the Vanguard player count will increase in coming weeks, so strategize around these maps.


  • Tuscan
  • Bocage
  • Gavutu
  • Berlin

As there are only four maps for Hardpoint, it would be advisable to set up a private lobby with comp settings. Once completed, enter the match and familiarise yourself with point locations, and the best rotations. Additionally, find positions that will suit your playstyle.


  • Tuscan
  • Gavutu
  • Berlin

In control, statistically it is easier to defend than attack. It is a common occurrence that matches go 2-2, with a segment or kill calculation figuring out who defends in the final round. It Is advisable to stay with teammates, be patient, and try to manage life count early on.


  • Tuscan
  • Bocage
  • Berlin
  • Desert Siege

If possible, use communication with teammates and be concise with information. Try your best to work around teammates and utilize equipment to eliminate potential hiding spots of enemies. Attempt to trade in tough situations, but also avoid wandering out by yourself. When pickoffs are vital, working together will get the win.

Ultimately, these are the best settings for Vanguard. With all information on how to set up graphics, display, controller, weapons, and tips and tricks, it is time for you to play. So, what are you waiting for, go and get that win.

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