Best FFAR Warzone Loadout

With the recent introduction of Call of Duty: Warzone Operation Monarch, it is still not clear which way the meta is going. With many powerful SMG’s, AR’s and Snipers, players have a large range of weaponry to choose from. For us, we have decided to produce the best Warzone FFAR loadout that can annihilate targets from medium to long range. Despite Rebirth Island and Caldera producing more close-range duels, this FFAR can hold its own on both maps.

With many Warzone tournaments, wagers, and the general increase in competition, the FFAR is a hidden gem just waiting to be utilised correctly. As a precursor, each of our loadouts have been tried and tested which saves you the time of experimenting.

Get Levelled Up

It is obvious, but level up the FFAR to the max so you can access each attachment. For this weapon and our method, you can achieve level 1-55 in roughly 2-2 ½ hours without winning every game. Firstly, select the FFAR as a primary weapon, with Double Time, Ghost and Amped as perks. These will allow you to stay of the radar, escape to power positions and utilise equipment efficiently in matches.


Now you want to add weapon XP tokens. These will allow you to double up on XP for the chosen weapon, which ultimately cuts down on grinding time. Next, drop into games of Solo Rebirth Island, as these can offer you and your AR more kills, more chances to third party and a higher chance of contract completion. Prioritise supply run contracts, or if you are confident, bounties. With having a strong base FFAR, you can eliminate targets from medium-long range, which allows you to play safer.

This in turn should allow you to collect kills, run up multiple contracts and stack up on XP in just one game. After just a couple of hours, each attachment on our list below should become available. When that has happened, you can back out and consider the grind finished.

Attachments and Perks

Muzzle:GRU Suppressor
Barrel:19.5 Task Force
Magazine:Salvo 50 Round Fast Mag
Optic:Axial Arms 3x
Under Barrel:Field Agent Grip
Class Perks:Double Time, Overkill, Amped
Overkill Weapon Choice:MAC10
Lethal:Throwing Knife

How each Attachment and Perk works together

So, if you can remember how the AR meta In Verdansk played out, we are reworking the FFAR to perform similarly. Additionally, due to the medium to long range power of this weapon, we would advise Caldera as the mode of choice. Rebirth can also be played, but due to the increased number of close quarter duels, this FFAR isn’t optimal.

Due to the Muzzle, Barrel and Under Barrel choices we have made, the FFAR becomes a laser beam over long distances. Combined, the attachments lower both recoil patterns, decrease sway and still provide consistent bullet velocity over longer distances. You do not necessarily need the Axial Arms 3x, but with a weapon that is built for those long-range duels, why not take every advantage you have.

The larger magazine will assist you in taking on multiple enemies in one gunfight. Additionally, the perks will allow you to move faster, use more equipment and add a secondary weapon to support you in situations where FFAR can fall behind. We chose the MAC10, as this can destroy competition in quick time up close.

Playstyle recommendations

With a landscape full of trees, uneven grounds, and wreckage, why not take advantage of higher ground. This best FFAR Warzone loadout being geared towards accuracy can deal significant damage from afar. Depending on the circle shift, try to position yourself early, which should allow you to identify incoming foes. We have found Peak and Airfield very good areas, as they provide long sight lines, with opportunities to climb high which allows you to go undetected.

Additionally, with this loadout you should play more passively and avoid joining fights to early. Play from a distance, but if you are pushed into close quarter fights, pull out the Overkill Mac10 to save yourself.