Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay – Complete Crossplay Guide

Ever wondered if Deep Rock Galactic supports crossplay? This Ghost Ship Games project became a sensation on PC three years ago, captivating players with its unique blend of cooperative mining, repairing old equipment, and battling hostile aliens. Its distinct mix of genres, endearing characters, and quirky low-res art style morphed into an electrifying shooter that hit all the right notes.

Following its successful transition to consoles last year, the game reached an even wider audience. But with its presence across multiple platforms, the big question is: can you mine caves and take on alien hordes with friends on different hardware? Let’s dig into the details of Deep Rock Galactic crossplay.


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Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay: How It Works

Deep Rock Galactic does have crossplay! The downside is it’s not a free-for-all across all platforms. Here’s the lowdown: Xbox and PC players can join forces, but there’s a catch. The PC version needs to be the one purchased from the Windows store. So, as of now, the crossplay magic can happen between PC and Xbox.

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The Crossplay Limitation

For PlayStation fans, there’s some good news, too. The game supports cross-generational play, meaning PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players can team up for some underground alien combat.

However, there’s a downside. If you’re playing on PC or Xbox, linking up with buddies on PlayStation isn’t in the cards right now. It’s a bummer, especially for a game like Deep Rock Galactic, which seems tailor-made for cross-platform camaraderie.

Staying Updated on Crossplay Changes

We’re keeping our scanners tuned for any updates on this front. If Ghost Ship Games decides to expand crossplay options for Deep Rock Galactic, you’ll hear it from us first!

While Deep Rock Galactic’s crossplay options have some limitations, the game still offers a significant opportunity for players across different platforms to come together. For fans of co-op experiences looking to expand their horizons, exploring titles like the best crossplay horror games can open up new worlds of multiplayer fun. Keep mining and stay connected as the universe of cross-platform gaming continues to evolve!

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