Fortnite Building Tips: How to build your way to a Victory Royale

Building is the key mechanic in Fortnite, setting it apart from other Battle Royales. Four Chapters in though, there’s a high skill ceiling. There are different strats and Fortnite building tips that separate good players from bots.

If you’re looking to improve your odds of grabbing a Victory Royale, using the best ways to build in Fortnite is key. Learning how to build in Fortnite effectively goes a lot further than most other skills. These are the key Fortnite building tips to learn to improve at the game.

Fortnite building

10 Top Fortnite Building Tips

10. Forts Aren’t Important

If you keep up with Fortnite news, you’ll know it isn’t about forts anymore! The meta went past normal looking building very quickly.

Building forts isn’t one of the best ways to build in Fortnite. Instead, go for builds that are more strategic and economical. One of the more important Fortnite building tips is not to bother with a proper building. They just need to provide defense and strategic advantage.

9. Cover is Vital

The first step in building is to use cover to get away from fire. This is basically the core of the mechanic before pro players elevated it to such crazy heights. If you’re under fire, use Fortnite building tips to throw some cover-up and get away from the action.

This is where you start. However, from here, your building is going to get more complicated. That’s just the raw basics of when to build. When under fire, it’s time to build until you’re in a stronger position.

8. Building for Defence and Height

You need to build for an advantage and defense. You do this by grabbing the high ground.

This gives you the advantage of better angles and puts your opponent in a bad position. Along with the defense of easier cover. When you’re under fire, cranking a few layers upwards gives you the higher ground to take your shots. That’s the most basic example of how to build in Fortnite.

7. Cranking 90s

90s should be in the tutorial in-game on how to build in Fortnite. They are still one of the best ways to build in Fortnite. It’s a basic shape, two walls at a 90-degree angle with a ramp between them. It gives cover and high ground. From here you can build upwards and out. It’s your starting shape. Get into the habit of popping one when under fire.

From here, you can add height if an opponent builds too. You can also use ramps outwards to close the gap. Then, once up close, you either have easier shots, or you’re in a build fight.

6. Escalating Build Fights

If you’re up close and your builds are being matched, it can turn into an arms race to max height. You’re going to end up in build fights frequently. One Fortnite building tip is that in fights, your builds are just as important as shots.

Once you have even a one-level height advantage, you can build ramps outwards toward the opposing player. If your ramps towards the opposing player line up with them then you’re above while controlling their cover pieces, and you have a free shot.

The higher you go, the bigger the danger. You can get knocked out from below once up too high, so try to get over your opponent sooner than later. If an opponent has escalated a build fight, use ramps to take a more direct overhead position and finish things.

5. Don’t Get Shot Down

A build fight can see 90s and builds getting up pretty high, if you’re not careful you might even push up to max height. Getting shot down is a real danger here. If your build ceases to touch the ground, it’ll all disintegrate. It doesn’t matter if the connection makes sense though. A single ramp going out, holding up an entire structure is perfectly fine. So how do you avoid getting shot down?

In a build fight, ensure your builds connect to your opponents. This means all your builds need knocking out before you’ll drop. You should also try and ensure there’s more than one block connecting you to the ground! If there are a few layers, you have time to edit your way down before a third party can knock you out.

4. Edits and Fortnite Building Tips

Alongside building, you need to learn edits. There’s a skill gap here, edits are a big reason so many celebrated when Fortnite removed building. They aren’t that hard to do though.

Ideally, you should be able to use edits to cut a triangle off the side of a wall and take a shot at a player. Edits are a matter of practice and muscle memory. Practise until you can do them without having to focus on them or they’ll let you down in combat. Start with wall edits then progress on other build pieces.

3. Piece Control

This is where things get slightly complicated. Every spot on the Fortnite map is a slot for building. In a build or box fight, you have access to four building slots in each 1×1. Each wall is one slot, each roof, each ramp in the center etc. Having piece control means having your builds in those slots. That’s power in Fortnite build fights.

In a build fight, it’s important to establish piece control and hold it. It means that your opponent can’t get their builds in your space. If they can do that, they can edit in holes and remove all protection. If you have piece control, you have control over the cover as they move through the builds.

Establishing piece control is something you’ll have to keep in mind and make part of your building muscle memory. Throw out edited pieces to establish your control over each slot that’s going to be important if an opponent drops back there.

2. Box Fights

Box fights have become one of the best ways to build in Fortnite. When you’re under fire, a box provides protection. Fighting becomes a matter of taking or defending a wall. Players will try to get control of a box’s wall, put their own wall down, and then edit in a hole to shoot. When in a box, you can try to hold the wall or outplay the attacker.

Armored walls open up box fights, but so do quick edits. You can edit out the back wall to retreat, and move back a box. Even if under pressure, with quick building you can edit the ceiling out, move upwards and re-take a stronger position.

1. Improve Speed and Precision in Creative

The Fortnite sweat-grinding creative is almost a cliché at this point, but it works. Creative mode has build courses to improve your speed. Using the best Fortnite settings to try for better controls helps, but practice is vital. Run some drills in creative build modes to improve your speed with building.

Those are some of the top Fortnite building tips. Build fights, 90s going upwards, and box fights will give you a grounding in how to build in Fortnite. From here, increasing your speed, confidence, and edit skill through creative practice is going to set you up to build the right pieces fast. Although, maybe keep an eye out for Fortnite news in case Epic vaults building again!