Fortnite Wagers – All You Need To Know

Fortnite is one of the most popular and widely played online games, beating out most Battle Royale games. The game has a deep competitive side, players can become really skilled at Fortnite. Since there can be a big difference in player skill, a lot of really talented players look to make a bit of money from that. For the best Fortnite players, that’s in tournaments. Often though, this comes from Fortnite wagers. With a lot of competitive games, there are ways for you to place money on your own performance. You can bet another player that you’ll beat them out in a 1-v-1 or another format. This is what you need to know about Fortnite wagers, how safe they are, and want to think about before getting into them.

Fortnite Wagers

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What Are Fortnite Wagers? How Do They Work?

ortnite wagers are essentially what they say, a wager on Fortnite depending on your performance. You can also wager on other players’ performance. They come in a few different forms, these are the main ones you’ll need to know about:

  • Wagers on Your Own Performance – These are simple. Private bets are organized with other players as you compete against them. This is often in Fortnite 1v1 wagers but it can also be by coordinating which game you drop into. It helps here if you know how to win at Fortnite.
  • Betting on Events and Streamers – You can bet on the outcome of events or the results of major streamers if you’re looking for Fortnite wagers. This is a more traditional form, to just bet on Fortnite like a sports match.
  • Betting on Yourself – As well as private bets, services like Unikrn UMode allow you to bet on yourself while playing depending on different factors of performance.

Each of these types of bet has its pros and cons. These each work a little differently too. When you’re wagering other players, these bets are organized via a platform like Discord or a third party service. Betting on events or yourself through a platform is different. In these methods, you simply visit the website of the platform and go through the process, with a bit more security than placing a wager privately.

Fortnite Wagers Rules

The rules of Fortnite wagers really depend on where it is you’re organizing it. Fortnite wager matches often use house rules to ensure fairness, and change from platform to platform. However, these are the standard conditions:

  • No aim bots or outside tools.
  • Leaving mid-wager counts as a loss.
  • Wagers over a certain amount require a middleman for security.
  • Terms have to be agreed upon in full before starting.
  • Some servers say double or nothing has to be offered to losers.

While these are common rules, there isn’t exactly regulation forcing them outside of Discord mods. So wagers Fortnite games are typically just whatever is agreed to.

How Old Do You Have to be to Wager on Fortnite?

Since Fortnite wagers are essentially just agreements to pay someone, there isn’t an age limit. Some servers or organizers insist on an age limit, but this isn’t always enforced. This is why some people in the fortnite community consider wagers to be a bit predatory.

How to Win Fortnite Wagers?

Essentially the only way to win Fortnite wagers consistently is to only wager against players significantly less skilled than you. Obviously, this isn’t exactly a fair way to play. Even pro players seem to advocate for operating like a pool shark in Fortnite wagers:

So if you’re a player that isn’t on that skill level, you might find yourself being taken for a rise in a wager. It isn’t uncommon for players to throw a round at first, then go double or nothing to double up on winnings from Fortnite wagers.

Are Fortnite Wagers Legal?

Fortnite wagers and legality is a bit of a grey area. Gambling as a whole has become something of a grey area online. A friendly Fortnite wager isn’t large-scale enough to warrant any kind of worry about legality. However, if you live somewhere that has laws against gambling then Fortnite wagers are likely covered by this too.

Since Fortnite wagers typically take place between players who don’t even know each other, it goes a bit beyond a friendly bet. Betting on yourself or other players through full gambling platforms isn’t much simpler. Many places that have strict anti-gambling laws have massive loopholes on the internet, allowing these services to operate despite gambling technically being illegal.

Are Fortnite Wagers Gambling?

Fortnite wagers are a form of gambling since they involve putting money on something that is out of your control. You stand to lose or gain money, depending on a factor you can’t control. While you might think your edits and speed at cranking 90s put it under your control, video game bets are just as much gambling as placing bets on traditional sports.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fortnite Wagers

Placing Fortnite wagers can be a fun way to liven up a game, but there are some downsides too. If you’re placing informal wagers, then the major advantages are to make things more exciting, give you an incentive to perform, and let you measure yourself up against other high-level players. The downsides though, as a lack of protection for the funds you’re using, the risk you’re taking, and the possibility of losing your money in an unfair situation. The esports equivalent of pool sharks are pretty common in wager communities too.

For more traditional betting, the pros are largely that extra security and reliance you’re getting. You’re using an established service that is liable for any problems that occur. To keep their license, they have to be operating legitimately. The downside is that it is harder to bet on your own performance.

Are Wagers are Right for You?

Those are some of the possible pitfalls of both types of Fortnite wagers. If either is right for you though, really comes down to what you’re looking for. You shouldn’t consider Fortnite wagers a way to make income, nothing is guaranteed and gambling should be a fun activity with only bets that you can afford to lose. Equally, if you’re inexperienced then private Fortnite wagers can be a bit of a problem. There are a lot of potential pitfalls there.