How to stream on Discord

Are you an aspiring gamer, streamer or enjoy showcasing your favorite plays? Well, the Discord app now supports streaming, and it’s free. Here’s our How to stream on Discord guide to kickstart your innate Ninja.

First, you will need to download the Discord app and sign up as a user. If you aren’t already a savvy gamer, who spends more time gaming than scrolling social media, chances are you already have Discord installed on your desktop. If you dont, head over to this site.

How to Stream on Discord

How to stream on discord PC

Discord supports in-app streaming on Windows, a defining feature that lets you stream and record games while playing. This also works for windowed applications, which can come in handy if you prefer playing games while watching your viewers’ suggested Youtube videos. Eliminating your concern of how to stream Youtube on Discord because Youtube resides in browsers, technically a windowed application.

We hate to break the bad news to Mac and Linux users because the in-app streaming feature is exclusive to Windows. The oddballs using Mac and Linux devices can only share screens or videos through the Discord app. Nevertheless, there is alternative Esports streaming platform that can prove helpful.

Disclaimers aside, let’s move on to the actual steps of setting up your first live stream. From the familiar interface of the Discord app, select a voice channel that you want to be streaming from. Once you have successfully connected to a channel, you should see green text indicating successful ‘Voice Connected’ on the bottom-left corner. Around the same section, you will notice two options, the Video and Screen buttons.

Upon pressing Screen, you will be greeted with a Screen Share popup, where you can select your desired opened application. This can range from the games, Discord app itself, your browser tabs or the OBS Studio. Rest assured, we will get into further details on how to stream on discord with OBS soon.

Discord PC Stream

How to stream on discord mobile

IRL streaming has garnered quite a trend in recent months. With ongoing COVID19 pandemic and lockdowns in various countries, streamers sharing their less mundane life of visiting outdoors has become a massive hit among viewers.

For the most part, streaming on the Discord mobile app is relatively similar to the PC version. It does come with the added benefit of having a built-in front camera, which in most smartphones has higher resolution for clearer videos. However, IRL streaming has its own caveat, such as the likelihood of stalkers. Fanatics or stalkers can identify your exact location based on the landmarks shown in your live stream if you aren’t wary.

Of course, not all viewers or fans have bad intentions of hunting down the exact location of their favorite streamer and might just want a wholesome autograph. However, consider yourself warned, as it’s of utmost priority to never share confidential details that may prove resourceful to evildoers!

Do keep in mind, you might need a newer version of Discord on your phone to have this option available. If you are not in the habit of updating your apps, now would be the time do so.

Discord Mobile Stream

Configuring the Discord settings and technical difficulties

On the Discord mobile app, the microphone and cam icons are just a click away. Whereas it can be slightly tricky to navigate around the various settings and technical terms on the Discord app.

This brings us to how to stream on Discord with sound because, let us be frank here. Most viewers probably aren’t sticking around to watch you play Dark Souls 3 quietly, or your Minecraft speed runs. They are here for your enthusiastic personality, sense of humor or perhaps the sense of belonging they never had anywhere else besides your stream.

Discord settings page

Hence, if you intend on communicating with your viewers, voice and sound are essential configurations to adjust perfectly. From the User Settings or a cog icon located at the bottom-left navigation bar, clicking it will bring up all available Discord settings.

Locate the ‘Voice & Video’ settings, where you can select your input and output devices. The input and output devices are set to your desktop’s inbuilt microphone and speakers by default. However, we recommend investing in external microphone and webcam, as it can come a long way in improving your stream’s production value.

The Discord app natively detects the app or game you are currently playing. However, if it fails to detect the correct game, you can manually add it. Locate the ‘Advanced Settings’ and select ‘Game Activity’, where you should see the active game that you can manually add.

Netflix but no chill while streaming on Discord

We personally are baffled by why anyone would watch a streamer stream Netflix content instead of getting their own subscription. Although if we have to guess, perhaps it’s an ingenious hack to watch region-exclusive Netflix dramas.

However, Discord has trouble streaming Netflix or media players like Youtube and Hulu properly. It’s a technical bug that affects Chrome browser, or Chromium-based browsers, where the notorious black screen hinders the video player. Hence, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to stream Netflix on Discord without a black screen:

  1. Navigate from User Settings > App Settings > Voice & Videos > Video Codec
  2. Disable the ‘OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.’ and ‘264 Hardware Acceleration’ options.
  3. Now, upon completing step 1 and 2, videos should be displayable in most scenarios. However, if the black screen persists, proceed with further steps.
  4. Navigate from User Settings > App Settings > Voice & Videos > Video Diagnostics
  5. Disable the ‘Use our latest technology to capture your screen’ option too.
  6. On your browser, navigate to Settings by pasting ‘chrome://settings’ into the search bar above.
  7. It’s highly recommended to use hotkeys Ctrl+F, which will bring out the search function, where you paste ‘Hardware Acceleration’. The search results will show the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ option, which you need to disable.
  8. Once all the steps are completed, restart the browser, and reshare your screen from Discord.

Black screen error on Discord preview mode

Finding a niche market in the streaming industry

Occasionally, a similar issue can occur while using the OBS Studio, so that’s a concern to keep in mind about how to stream on Discord with OBS.

And there you have it, a simple guide to kickstart your streaming career and how to stream on Discord like a champ. Truth be told, many game genres and stream categories already have an abundance of renowned streamers. On the Brightside, there are still a niche market for Esports betting analysis and insights, especially for popular Esports such as Dota 2 and Fortnite.