Lakad Matatag Meaning and Origin

Lakad matatag is one of the most common phrases you’ll hear related to Dota 2. This is a meme and kind of a catchphrase. It has a weird origin though that complicated the lakad matatag meaning. It often pops up when the rest of the conversation is in a completely different language. Even outside of Dota 2, it can be heard as a lakad matatag ringtone. So what is the Lakad Matatag meaning?

Lakad matatag is a voice line that comes from a commentator in DOTA 2. Since this though, the Lakad metatag chat wheel has become weirdly influential in the community. Especially since commentators have taken to using Lakad matatag normalin normalin as something of a catchphrase. It can be used just as an expression during a game, even completely devoid of its actual translation meaning. A lakad matatag ringtone is also fairly popular, even with newer content to draw from like the Battle Pass 2020 in Dota 2.

Lakad Matatag Meaning and Origin

What Does Lakad Matatag Mean?

Lakad Matatag normalin normalin meaning has a few different layers. At first, we can look at the actual translation. However, this isn’t the whole story. This is the literal lakad matatag meaning:

  • Lakad – Walk
  • Matatag – Strong or Stable, Strudy
  • Normalin – Do a normal attack or basic attack.

So lakad matatag normalin normalin basically means walk strong, do a few normal attacks.

Not exactly groundbreaking stuff. So why has it caught on? The lakad matatag meaning goes a bit further than just the literal translation. It is more a message of encouragement. All of that has more to do with its origin than its literal meaning.

Lakad Matatag Origin

The Lakad matatag voice line has been around for a while now. However, its origin as a meme in the DOTA 2 community is a bit more specific. In a match at ESL One Katowice in 2018, the commentator brought the phrase up. It was a description of how Fnatic could come back against the odds and still get a victory from Team Secret, who were quite far ahead.

The commentator used it as a fairly matter of fact phrase, which kind of made it stick in people’s memory. Since then, the Lakad Matatag meaning has gone far beyond its simple translation. It now appears in most chatwheels and has become a bit of a catchphrase for the entire community. This is especially the case in the Philippines, where the phrase is a much bigger meme along the lines of Press F to pay Respects or the Popchamp emote.

You can watch the original clip that gave the birth to the catchphrase linked below:

Lakad Matatag Chat Wheel

That’s the origin of lakad matatag, chat wheels often contain the phrase though. In that context, players often use it as a general morale-boosting line. Like the team that was very far behind, it is a simple refrain to keep going with a match. Lakad matatag chat wheels are really popular. Like other memes, a lot of the prominence of Lakad matatag comes from how easy it is to use. In Dota 2, Lakad matatag can be easily accessed in a chat wheel or even used as a Lakad matatag ringtone if you’re really into the game. This has made lakad matatag one of the best popular phrases associated with Dota2.

A final interesting fact, the final 44 seconds of the FNC vs Team Secret game gave birth to 5 different chat wheel sounds.

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