Pokémon Light Platinum Cheats – Codes List & Guide

Are there any Pokémon Light Platinum cheats? Light Platinum is not a mainline franchise game. Nintendo and Game Freak did not release this. It was created as a rom hack. Rom hacks are effectively recreated versions of the games, but they are different. They’re not just a ported version of them, they’re totally new creations and they always feature a little bit different gameplay.

In this case, Light Platinum is a pretty faithful mod. It explores two new regions, Zhery and Lauren. In the original Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the Hoenn region was where trainers explored, but that’s the main difference. The Elite Four and Champion are different in Light Platinum, too.

Since this isn’t and never was an original Pokémon game, Pokémon Light Platinum cheats do exist. In fact, they’re arguably a bigger part of this particular game than any other Pokémon game. As always, they can be troublesome, but they will help you have a much easier gameplay.

pokémon light platinum cheats

Full list of Pokémon Light Platinum cheats

Walk through wall Pokémon cheat

Like almost all older Pokémon games (and pretty much any until Sword and Shield), there are barriers. Trainers can’t just go wherever they want to go whenever they want. It’s a fairly linear game and the barriers exist to ensure you stay more linear than not. That means some areas are inaccessible for a while. With this code, though, you can walk through those barriers and through all walls:

  • E03B0649 5D67050C
    78DA95DF 44018CB4

After this, the entire world is open to you. It’s not an open world game, but it effectively turns the world of Light Platinum as open as it can be.

No random battles Pokémon Light Platinum cheats

Random battles are a big part of any Pokémon game. With them, trainers get more experience (both in XP and literal gameplay experience) and find out how best to play the game. They’re part of the learning process, but experienced Pokémon players don’t really need them. With this code, you can avoid them entirely:

  • 3B0C8C5E

Now, you don’t have to worry about spending time battling someone with just a level 12 Heracross and a level 13 Pineco. Instead, you can explore without any fear of experiencing routine stoppages.

Shiny Pokémon encounter

Finding a shiny has and always will be the most exciting part of a Pokémon game. When you find one that looks different, there is no other feeling like it. Unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t come around all that often. Finding a shiny, especially in older games, is extremely rare. The odds are very low on finding one at all. With this code, however, a shiny encounter can be guaranteed:

  • 8636B1D6 CA4AB2A9
    18452A7D DDE55BCC

togepy pokemon

If that code doesn’t work, enter this Master code:

  • 9839927F5FA2 0987C8AA34A7 4B0560A9F0C3

Follow that up with this code:

  • 186246439083

After this, your next encounter will be shiny. To have a little bit more control over what Pokémon it is, go to where that one usually spawns and wait for an encounter. It should be a shiny of whatever you’re looking for.

Infinite rare candy Pokémon Light Platinum cheats

Rare candy is used to level Pokémon up. If you have enough of it, you can level a Pokémon to level 100 in a moment’s notice. These are hard to come by, but they’re very useful. Use this code for infinite rare candy:

  • 280EA266 88A62E5C
  • 361E3586 CD38BA79 (PC alternative cheat code)

If you use the cheat to avoid random battles, this is a good cheat code to pair with it. Random battles are annoying, but they work for leveling Pokémon up. Without them, you can get to a battle for a gym or with the Elite Four and have severely underleveled Pokémon. Use this cheat to level them up instead.

All gym badges in Pokémon Light Platinum

Getting gym badges is a staple of almost every single Pokémon game. It’s how you make it through that aspect of the storyline, but it often controls how high of a level a Pokémon can be to listen to you or if you can even catch it. To bypass the actual gym battles and get the badges, use this code:

  • A12FCE77 0C1EC556
Once again, this may leave your team underleveled, but it does bypass the tedious gym battles.

Automatic Legendary

With these codes, you can pick up a Legendary Pokémon of your choice:

  • Articuno
    B8BABB07 1279065D
  • Zapdos
    813E577F C64AB1BA
  • Moltres
    5A8E3C77 1F661F0B
  • Mewtwo
    649DA11D AC382E6A
  • Mew
    13EAA696 65095035
  • Raikou
    A10710E4 E472D0F8
  • Entei
    5B01BDB2 183D8C74
  • Suicune
    D25A4A77 A675F69A
  • Lugia
    4EECFE9F 27D82240porygon pokemon
  • Ho-Oh
    3D68FB8B 4B323185
  • Celebi
    ABAB4663 A9BDEC6F
  • Regirock
    EE48CE33 DD9BA0C5
  • Regice
    B8E60141 9846F68D
  • Registeel
    79DFACFC CE3130F9
  • Groudon
    F655438D 3AA5C717
  • Rayquaza
    F45F5684 50826322
  • Latias
    9924490F 674355D7
  • Latios
    B0EF6EE8 A714B8D9
  • Jirachi
    89CF0941 3F293D81
  • Deoxys
    88F7CB8E EE360350

Use this master code first, though:

  • A2E564FE

This will allow you to instantly boost your team with an insanely strong Pokémon.

Item cheat code

Items are very important, but some of them are a little difficult to get. Either way, you might end up in a situation where you need one and don’t have it. Use these codes for specific items:

  • Antidote: 82025BD0 000E
  • Burn Heal: 82025BD0 000F
  • Ice Heal: 82025BD0 0010
  • Awakening: 82025BD0 0011
  • Paralyze Heal: 82025BD0 0012
  • Full Restore: 82025BD0 0013
  • Max Potion: 82025BD0 0014
  • Hyper Potion: 82025BD0 0015
  • Super Potion: 82025BD0 0016
  • Full Heal: 82025BD0 0017happiny pokemon
  • Revive: 82025BD0 0018
  • Max Revive: 82025BD0 0019
  • X Attack: 82025BD0 004B
  • X Defend: 82025BD0 004C
  • Dire Hit: 82025BD0 004A
  • X Speed: 82025BD0 004D
  • X Accuracy: 82025BD0 004E
  • Fire Stone: 82025BD0 0053
  • X Special: 82025BD0 004F
  • Poke Doll: 82025BD0 0050
  • Fluffy Tail: 82025BD0 0051
  • Max Repel: 82025BD0 0054
  • Escape Rope: 82025BD0 0055
  • Repel: 82025BD0 0056

With these codes, you will always have the items you need.

Infinite money cheat code for Pokémon Light Platinum

If you opt not to use the cheat codes for individual items, you can always buy them at a store. That can be expensive, though. Fortunately, there’s a cheat code that grants infinite money:

  • E51E97C3 7858E4EB

You can buy any and everything you want with this stunning Light Platinum cheat code.

All TM/HM cheat codes for Pokémon Light Platinum

Finally, there are a ton of different TMs and HMs, which can teach Pokémon new moves. Here’s a code for all of them in this game.

List of TM codes

  • TM01 Focus Punch = 87E1D568 733CE392
  • TM02 Dragon Claw = AFFC928E 509932B6
  • TM03 Water Pulse = 016E19DE 75C25DE1
  • TM04 Calm Mind = 664B55E0 E3B9ADBE
  • TM05 Roar = 65689C19 E0F8EE35
  • TM06 Toxic = 34FA78EE DF2F9673
  • TM07 Hail = 5219C016 837AA1FB
  • TM08 Bulk Up = D9FF21EF 1E0944EE
  • TM09 Bullet Seed = AF90BCB1 E93C8C8F
  • TM10 Hidden Power = 1005412B B196BDB0
  • TM11 Sunny Day = 15B2D27F 2947AA48
  • TM12 Taunt = 1573DF09 BCDE2B56
  • TM13 Ice Beam = E029E841 6918E5A2
  • TM14 Blizzard = 811F83E6 1600B2DE
  • TM15 Hyper Beam = 7F58EBA8 46EF36AFarceus pokemon
  • TM16 Light Screen = ACAE9A73 43567E91
  • TM17 Protect = FEBDD9BA 711ECC96
  • TM18 Rain Dance = D611EE66 00008B2B
  • TM19 Giga Drain = 18B0AB2A D7B9E3E8
  • TM20 Safeguard = 2BE8D3B0 FD4E4A72
  • TM21 Frustration = 54268584 FD346B4E
  • TM22 Solarbeam = D268698C C224D8E2
  • TM23 Iron Tail = BBF66105 DF4B9B13
  • TM24 Thunderbolt = 4E834EE4 53BF5FC4
  • TM25 Thunder = 1186081B 0925F6DE
  • TM26 Earthquake = 40B763B9 30FA9092
  • TM27 Return = F35612E8 DF5A3388
  • TM28 Dig = E142FCC3 27F93269
  • TM29 Psychic = 334ADA15 00DD173C
  • TM30 Shadow Ball = 848DF53E 11C03BCB
  • TM31 Brick Break = 7E7C1393 4EA124C2
  • TM32 Double Team = 595504D3 5812DDC0
  • TM33 Reflect = 7F54FD32 38D42C04
  • TM34 Shock Wave = 3262C606 CA96F2AC
  • TM35 Flamethrower = 699901C1 D4146993
  • TM36 Sludge Bomb = 38EA2ABC 9F825022
  • TM37 Sandstorm = BAF06A65 76DE2DA7
  • TM38 Fire Blast = 437D8EDD D96C39A5
  • TM39 Rock Tomb = 8B8AB1E7 E5D9327C
  • TM40 Aerial Ace = FDDDD994 1F12CAD4
  • TM41 Torment = EB7B7AC8 CD87A01D
  • TM42 Facade = 400A2E08 BB674CEF
  • TM43 Secret Power = 817340AB 669E1252
  • TM44 Rest = 290EDB0B 033716EA
  • TM45 Attract = 00A2067E 3393D58D
  • TM46 Thief = 1A70058D 0F06F296
  • TM47 Steel Wing = D5280C4F 4EDF6B5A
  • TM48 Skill Swap = D17032BA 105033D8
  • TM49 Snatch = 7002427B BA4E993F
  • TM50 Overheat = E59D1903 1D2D1C5A

List of HM codes

  • HM01 Cut = B77739FC 26D71E64
  • HM02 Fly = 6625764E 75091013
  • HM03 Surf = F337F6FE C824F891
  • HM04 Strength = B036BEB1 097E5C89
  • HM05 Flash = F2B1C76A F6DB27B6
  • HM06 Rock Smash = 2E914FA6 D9EFE74A
  • HM07 Waterfall = 3C22A077 6CB5D966
  • HM08 Dive = C7AC2C1B DD487A35

Be sure to always save before you use any codes. These can crash the game, so you don’t want to lose a bunch of progress because of them.

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