Cheat Codes for Pokémon Ruby – List and Guide

Are there any good cheat codes for Pokémon Ruby? Ruby is a mainline game in the franchise, releasing alongside Sapphire in Generation III. This was one of the most popular games of the time and still holds up today. It’s still widely heralded as one of the most fun entries into the Pokémon world. As a result, players continue coming back to it. It’s a classic, especially having been released all the way back in 2002.

Even over 20 years later, the community still revisits it time and again. This can be done on the original GameBoy with the game or on an online emulator. The latter is easier and simpler today with the internet. There are cheat codes for Pokémon Ruby. These were not designed by Nintendo or Game Freak and many of them would be frowned upon by them. Regardless, there are some.

In order to use them, you must have a Game Shark attachment and the game. Online emulators can have cheats, too, but the Game Shark device is the way to go.

Keep in mind that since these were not an original part of the game, they can cause issues. Crashes do occur, especially when using modern technology on a two-decade old game.

cheat codes for pokemon ruby

Cheat codes for Pokémon Ruby: A full list

Walk through walls code

Walking through walls is a common cheat code for these games. The reason for this is because most older Pokémon games are limited in route. Players can only go where the game wants them to go. This is unlike recent entries Scarlet and Violet or Legends: Arceus. However, with the cheat code, trainers can go wherever they want. This is the code:

  • E03B0649 5D67050C 78DA95DF 44018CB4

After inputting this code, everything will be open to you. Walls and barriers won’t block you off. The game will certainly be less linear than it’s supposed to be, but still.

Unlimited rare candies cheat codes for Pokémon Ruby

For whatever reason, rare candies are very useful. Whether it’s because you are skipping random battles, not doing the gym battles or whatever, Pokémon will be underleveled. Fortunately, rare candies can more than make up for that. Use this code:

  • 280EA266 88A62E5C

After using this code, you can immediately level up every single one of your Pokémon to level 1o0. This can also be an easy way to complete the Pokédex since many of the evolutions are tied to leveling up.

Change gender of a Pokémon

Sometimes, having a certain gender of a Pokémon is better. They can have subtle differences as well as major differences. Sometimes, like in the case of Combee and Salandit, only one gender can evolve. Whatever the reason, changing the gender of a Pokémon is a vital thing. Here’s a code to do it:

  • Male:
    • 93566C4FFC35 4D888898FAC3
  • Female:
    • 93566C4FFC35 0C8F088E1CB7

Now, you can make sure you have whatever you need.

Unlimited Master Ball cheat code

There is only one way to ensure a catch in any Pokémon game. No matter what, there’s only one scenario where there is a 100% catch rate and that’s whenever a trainer uses a Master Ball. Unfortunately, each game typically only gives one to players and that most often goes to the game’s Legendary. However, with this code, you can have unlimited Master Balls:

  • 91B85743 27069397

Now, you’ll never have to worry about missing a catch ever again.

Complete the Pokédex cheat code for Ruby

Completing the Pokédex in any game is a huge achievement. It also often comes with a major reward, such as the shiny charm. Completing it can be so tedious, though, especially with a few hundred Pokémon to register. Fortunately, in Pokémon Ruby, there’s a cheat code to bypass the struggle:

  • 767CB1FC DD748434 1285CF69 1834F175 DBB87FCA 6276D975 9A732B89 F770B329 DBB87FCA 6276D975 1F0A9164 737E93CD DBB87FCA 6276D975 200DBA91 E6D90173 DBB87FCA 6276D975

A fittingly long code for a very detailed cheat. Keep in mind that this particular code often causes glitches, so be sure to save before using it.

No random encounters

Ever wanted to play Pokémon without having to worry about a creature running into you and triggering an encounter and wasting your time? Now, you can:

  • 3B0C8C5E 96FB832D

This drastically changes the game, but it can be a very useful cheat code nonetheless.

Gain all gym badges cheat codes for Pokémon Ruby

Getting the gym badges is part of the story of almost every single Pokémon game. It’s how you get better and it’s how you progress. By the end of it, you are ready to face the Elite Four and then the champion. However, that can be a long and tedious part of the game. Here’s a code to get all of the badges right away:

  • A12FCE77 0C1EC556

his also allows you, in some games, to catch higher level Pokémon and those same Pokémon will obey you, so this can be useful in a lot of ways. It will likely leave your team underleveled, though.

Infinite money hack

Buying items in Pokémon is important. However, money is typically finite. Players can’t just buy every single item because they can’t afford it. With this infinite money cheat code, they can:

  • E51e97c3 7858e4eb

Buy all the items you want with this.

Get items with cheat codes

However, if you don’t want to buy items, there are codes for almost all of them:

  • Full Restore F6d63594 20b33e32
  • Max Revive 9c51c651 033feef8
  • Max Elixir 612a0d7a 864b1d29
  • HP Up Ef059a66 1b91fa78
  • PP Max 7a74d52c 460da729
  • Max Repel 08da1807 097673f4
  • Escape Rope 088d15f0 D5affc6d
  • Sun Stone 50c1cd99 D96b58b4
  • Moon Stone D708816f C1207eb6
  • Fire Stone F6aafa8b 4d2c5f22
  • ThunderStone 23abbf10 041ccbbe
  • Water Stone 45734f06 591ecd99
  • Leaf Stone F668b3c9 14db1264
  • Heart Scale 000d4dd5 Ebc33f52
  • Exp. Share B964a353 B1c57054
  • Soothe Bell A5c80201 3e9d4506
  • Choice Band 75c5c708 8dca058e
  • King’s Rock F51ea1ac 7e24bb0b
  • SilverPowder 3ebba7a0 Ac0a2214
  • Soul Dew 19144c10 261cef95
  • DeepSeaTooth 534582db 455cfd1d
  • DeepSeaScale B3ef8b1c 57681183
  • EverStone Ae9eba13 Daaa43b8
  • Scope Lens 3fe077e2 B0c72a6f
  • Dragon Scale E0183894 5392fa0d
  • Sea Incense 9c5fff08 214012e5
  • Lax Incense 4aa5b093 48de6224

This might be an easier way to get a particular item you want.

Shiny encounter cheat codes for Pokémon Ruby

Finding a shiny is probably the thing in each Pokémon game that players enjoy the most. It’s such a rush of good feelings that some players only play so they can find them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often. The odds are always low, especially in older games. However, with this code, you can guarantee a shiny encounter. First, enter this master code:

  • 9839927F5FA2 0987C8AA34A7 4B0560A9F0C3

Then, enter the specific code:

  • 186246439083 098548AEB487
cheat codes for Pokémon Ruby

Get a shiny Psyduck with this code!

Go to the location one that you want spawns in after entering the code.

Catch enemy Pokémon code

Ever faced a Pokémon trainer or gym leader that had a really nice Pokémon (like Cynthia’s Garchomp)? Now, you can steal that Pokémon for yourself:

  • B6C5368A 08BEAFF4 6FD608D0 B9151D51 084197CA 3EA6DE4F 8E883EFF 92E9660D

They can now be yours. Catch a Legendary Legendary Pokémon are pretty much the best of the best. Thankfully, there’s a code to get you a lot of different ones. First, enter the master code:

  • A2E564FE 0FB58A54 530823D9 16558191

Next, enter the specific code for whichever of these Legendary Pokémon you want:

  • Articuno: B8BABB07 1279065D
  • Zapdos: 813E577F C64AB1BA
  • Moltres: 5A8E3C77 1F661F0B
  • Mewtwo: 649DA11D AC382E6A
  • Mew: 13EAA696 65095035
  • Raikou: A10710E4 E472D0F8
  • Entei: 5B01BDB2 183D8C74
  • Suicune: D25A4A77 A675F69A
  • Lugia: 4EECFE9F 27D82240
  • Ho-oh: 3D68FB8B 4B323185
  • Celebi: ABAB4663 A9BDEC6F
  • Regirock: EE48CE33 DD9BA0C5
  • Regice: B8E60141 9846F68D
  • Registeel: 79DFACFC CE3130F9
  • Groudon: F655438D 3AA5C717
  • Rayquaza: F45F5684 50826322
  • Latias: 9924490F 674355D7
  • Latios: B0EF6EE8 A714B8D9
  • Jirachi: 89CF0941 3F293D81
  • Deoxys: 88F7CB8E EE360350

Gain any uber-powerful ‘mon with these codes. Be sure to save before using any cheat code. They can cause the game to crash and you don’t want to lose any progress because of that.

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