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Adam Friberg is a legendary CSGO player from Sweden. He found most of his success during the early days of CSGO and Counter-Strike Source. Friberg was born on October 19, 1991. He has been a professional Counter-Strike player since 2007 and he was mostly known for his ability to control recoil and to in-game lead his team.

Friberg CSGO Esports Player

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What teams did he play for?

If we are to talk about Adam’s CSGO career, he did not move around a lot. He competed for a total of 4 teams and at the time of writing (September 2019), friberg is a free agent looking for a team. Below you can find a list of teams that Adam represented.

In all of those teams, except Ninjas in Pyjamas, friberg did not stick around a lot. However, he represented the Swedish CSGO organization, NiP, for over 5 years. Throughout those years, friberg became one of the most known CSGO players.

Despite that, after he parted ways with NiP, he did not find much success with OpTic Gaming and Heroic. Even though they were constantly lurking around that top 20 spot, it seems like they did not have enough firepower to stick around in that position for a long time.

Friberg CSGO achievements

Keep in mind that CSGO was not popular in 2013 and 2014. This is where Adam comes into play. He tried his best to present CSGO to everyone, and he really is one of the guys that placed this FPS game on the radar.

In 2013, friberg was voted as the 11th best player of the year. Year after that, friberg once again found his way to the top. However, this time around, he was voted as the 14th best player of the year.

When it comes to tournament achievements, Adam has a ton of those. Let’s start with the most important one, Major title. Friberg CSGO career hit the top when he was crowned as an MVP of ESL One Cologne 2014. Keep in mind that NiP also won that Major, all thanks to friberg.

As for the other noticeable results, Adam won Intel Extreme Masters XI – Oakland and StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 back in 2016. Sadly, he did not win a lot in 2018 and 2019, and it seems like his professional career is coming to an end.

Friberg stream and social media

If you did not know by now, Adam is very active on Twitter and At the moment, there are over 270,000 people following friberg on Twitter. You can find friberg Twitter by clicking here.

As for the friberg stream. In the past, he did not stream a lot, but this changed a couple of months ago. Trust me when I say it, you can learn a lot from this veteran and if you are interested in his stream, you can find it below or on his Twitch account here.