OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming was originally founded in 2006 as a Call of Duty sniping team. The organisation was more of a brand / clan of players who collectively bundled together under one name to gain exposure, OpTic.

OpTic members were well known for creating videos, mostly montages of their sniping trick shots. Adding on some editing like music and slow mos, videos gained millions of views and allowed OpTic to become a prominent name in the Call of Duty scene.


Bringing their fans, originally built up from Call of Duty videos, as well as some competitive success, OpTic Gaming decided to spread its wings and branch out into other games.

OpTic Gaming in CS:GO

Their biggest move saw the organisation step out and become a full-fledged competitive power house, stepping into the competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. They made this move by taking a safe bet, signing the former ‘Conquest’ roster consisting of; ShahZam, daps, RUSH, NAF and Stanislaw.


They quickly saw results, with the team taking first place in the ELEAGUE Road to Vegas event, defeating Lounge Gaming 2:0. What followed however wasn’t too bright, with the team failing to secure a spot for various events through a multitude of qualifiers. Only making a few changes to the roster, OpTic made a complete turnaround towards the end of 2016, defeating Astralis 2:0 in the finals, securing first place in the ELEAGUE Season 2 event.

OpTic Gaming in LoL

The most recent major decision involved OpTic entering the League of Legends scene. This announcement shocked many when the org revealed they had secured a spot in the 2018 North American LCS league. This move was definitely risky, with the buy-in price to the League being over $10,000,000 USD just for the spot, not including fees for the start-up staff, coaches and most importantly, players.

Unfortunately, OpTic Gaming didn’t do too well in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split, finishing ninth place overall. This isn’t at all surprising, as newer teams tend to have slower starts and place worse off compared to better established teams, Optic was no different.

Ending the Spring Split, OpTic dropped two members, zig and veteran player, LemonNation. It is unknown if Optic at this point will make further changes to the roster, however, change is essential if they wish not to remain at the bottom ends of the leader board.  OpTic’s academy LoL team did not fare any better either, also placing ninth in the NA Academy 2018 Spring season.