For years, Dota 2’s ecosystem has boasted a lucrative skins market, which operates in a similar fashion to Counter-Strke’s market. It’s fuelled by players buying, trading, and selling high-value cosmetics on the Steam Marketplace, which they’ve unlocked through drops, the Shard Store, treasure, or by playing the game. They’re inherently valuable, and that means that they’re able to be used in betting. With this guide, we’re going to break down the Dota 2 betting items.

While Dota 2 skin betting or item betting can be quite exciting, it’s a relatively grey area in the world of gambling. As skin betting isn’t endorsed or regulated by Valve, it’s a risky practice, as almost every site that promotes skin betting is unlicensed and ungoverned. It’s quite a dangerous thing to take part in, but some websites have been helping players bet with Dota 2 skins for quite some time now, despite Valve’s best efforts to shut the concept down.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Dota 2 betting items.

dota 2 betting items guide

What Is A ‘Dota 2 Betting Items Site’?

Typically, when you sign up for a betting platform, you’ll be prompted to make your first deposit using real-world currency or even cryptocurrency. However, with a skin betting or, in this case, item betting platform, you’ll be making deposits that feature in-game cosmetic items instead of money. This is because these skins, cosmetics, and items boast an inherent value, and they are usually deposited and exchanged for ‘tokens’ that players can use to gamble on a website.

If you’re frantically searching for a ‘Dota 2 betting site with free items’, this is the typical practice you can expect to do. For the most part, Dota 2 item betting involves items that have value. However, some will still accommodate betting with free items – but they’re more of a simulation service, and you’re not likely to get anything valuable out of the other side of them.

So, if you’re out there on your journey and learning how to bet on Dota 2, this is just one branch of that path. While you could play it safe and gamble on the hottest Dota 2 betting odds online, there is always the option of pursuing something a little riskier and taking part in Dota 2 skin betting.

However, as the concept of using Dota 2 betting items to gamble is a somewhat risky one, we won’t be linking to any sites in this guide. Further down, we will provide information and links to the best Dota 2 betting sites online today, though.

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How Much Are Dota 2 Betting Items Worth?

Traditionally, Dota 2 betting items won’t be worth very much. It’s more a practice to eliminate duplicate skins, repeat cosmetics, or low-tier items that a player doesn’t want to keep hanging around. There’s no way anybody would go and bet with some of the most valuable Dota 2 cosmetics in the business, right?

With that in mind, here’s a swift breakdown of some of the most valuable Dota 2 items, so you can get an idea of how lucrative they can be. It’s worth bearing in mind that none of these items would have been gambled at any point, though. That’s far too much of a risk, and given the dangerous nature of skin gambling, the item in question could potentially be lost, stolen, or scammed away from the owner.

In the image above, you’ll see one of the most expensive item sets a player can buy in Dota 2.

  • It’s the Pilgrimage of the Bladeform Aesthete set, and at the bare minimum, it’ll set a player back around $640.
  • Then, for the weapon, which is the Crimson Edge of the Lost Order, it’s another $520.

That’s an example of the inherent value of some of the items in Dota 2, and it’s a clear indicator of why you wouldn’t necessarily want to fritter them away on a bet.

When it comes to Dota 2 gambling items, you’ll want to use cosmetics that are much less valuable.

What’s The Alternative to Using Dota 2 Betting Items?

As you might imagine, the chief alternative to using Dota 2 betting items is just to bet using real-world money. It’s the easiest thing imaginable, and these days, esports betting is designed to be accessible and easy to understand. It has grown massively in popularity in recent years, and today, some esports tournaments present more betting opportunities than traditional sporting events.

For Dota 2, countless esports tournaments in the space mean that there are countless opportunities to bet on the game.

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Here are some of the best Dota 2 betting sites that you’ll find online:


GG.BET is one of the most capable and popular esports betting sites on the market, and it can easily accommodate every Dota 2 bettor out there. It’s a top-tier solution with advanced features, advantageous betting promotions and GG.Bet bonuses, and it’s the partner of some of the biggest organisations and tournaments in the world.


Betway has been around for years, and a while ago, it started offering its users esports betting markets. As a true hybrid platform, our Betway review found that this site perfectly services both the traditional sports betting market and the esports betting market for fans and punters. It’s a simple platform that’s welcoming to newcomers, and it offers fantastic and competitive odds on Dota 2.


Thunderpick is a stand-out platform that’s famed for its progressive and forward-thinking nature. If you want to bet on Dota 2 using cryptocurrency, look no further than Thunderpick. This platform is crypto-exclusive, and aside from offering competitive odds and hundreds of Dota markets, it’s one of the most ingrained platforms when it comes to the esports industry. With a superb Thunderpick bonus for new players at the waiting we think this site checks all the boxes.

That’s our breakdown of the definition of Dota 2 betting items. We hope that you’ll potentially avoid gambling with skins and cosmetics from Dota 2, and instead, you’ll rely on the regulated, licensed betting sites that we’ve listed above. We wish you the best of luck with your Dota 2 wagers!