Top teams to watch at ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs in London

The ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs has a lot of big talent competing, while there’s been some teams move out of the scene, it’s still looking like a pretty stacked event. The top teams at ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs are going to be those to watch to win the entire years’ worth of events.

I chose four teams you should definitely follow in London next week.

APEX LEgends Split 1 Playoffs

Top Teams at ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs

Since this is an international LAN being played in London, top talent is being pulled in from across the globe. Out of all of the teams showing up though, there are some which are worth highlighting and watching throughout the event. These are the top teams at ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs.

TSM is still the hottest Apex Legends team

TSM are one of the biggest names in Apex Legends esports, with players like ImperialHal and Reps on the team. They’ve taken loads of huge wins in Apex so far, including wins at ALGS events and other tournaments. They weren’t quite so hot back at the 2022 Championship. However, they’ve definitely bounced back since. They took first place at the Split 1 Pro League for North America, securing themselves the top seed for their group here.

These are the obvious pick for the top teams at ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs. If you’re looking at Apex Legends betting, they’re status in the League is definitely reflected in the odds. They’ve had a strong start though and 2023 could be their year again.

Fnatic is a consistent contender

In Group C, Fnatic might be the top team to take a look at. They also won their Pro League Split back in December for APAC North. Prior to this, they’ve had strong results at lower-level tournaments like SoulZ Season 4 since the last season concluded.

Fnatic are still fielding the roughly same team as they were at the last major ALGS event. There’s YukaF, MatsuTasu, and Meltstera, who have all been with the team since last year. They’ve been pretty stable and have been growing in their results since the last ALGS concluded, where they came in 4th.

Aurora Gaming building up street cred this split

Coming in from EMEA, Aurora Gaming took the top spot at their region in the Pro League for this split. These are a team to watch, even if they’re one of the newer teams entering Apex Legends esports.

They’ve signed a new roster after entering Apex for the first time in November 2022, it looks like they’re ready to make a big first impression at their first playoffs. The mix of established forces like TSM and new ones like Aurora Gaming is a big reason his ALGS playoffs looks so exciting heading in.

Iron Blood Gaming, the new challengers on the scene

Iron Blood are another team who are nearly brand new to Apex esports. They entered just in December of this year. They’ve made an impact already though, with decent results and they’ve secured a high seeding for their group.

They’ve got steep competition in their own group with more established teams. However, as a brand-new org in the game it looks like Iron Blood might be ready to make a name for themselves here. Their roster of StrafingFlame, PlayerK, and Panayie have already had a decent finish in non-ALGS events. They’re one of the top teams at ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs to watch.

Full Roster of Teams at ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs

Those are some of the top teams at ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs, it’s a huge roster of teams taking part though. These are the full list of competitors that have made the final rounds of the Playoffs.

Group A

  • Aurora (EMEA)
  • XSET (North America)
  • Moist Esports (APAC South)
  • Enter Force36 (APAC North)
  • GØDFIRE (South America)
  • LeaveNoWitness (South America)
  • PULVEREX (APAC north)
  • 100 Thieves (North America)
  • VZN (EMEA)
  • GameWard (EMEA)

Group B

  • TSM (North America)
  • Northeption (APAC North)
  • NorCal Esports (South America)
  • DEWA United Esports (APAC South)
  • Fire Beavers (EMEA)
  • Alliance (EMEA)
  • Flora Esports (APAC North)
  • Oxygen Esports (North America)
  • Spacestation Gaming (North America)
  • FC Destroy (APAC North)

Group C

  • Fnatic (APAC North)
  • Acend (EMEA)
  • The Guard (North America)
  • K1CK (South America)
  • ONIC Esports (APAC South)
  • EXO Clan (APAC South)
  • NRG (North America)
  • Pioneers (EMEA)
  • Ganbare otousan (APAC North)
  • GHS professional (APAC North)

Group D

  • Iron Blood Gaming (APAC South)
  • Team Singularity (South America)
  • Vexed Gaming (EMEA)
  • Crazy Raccoon (APAC North)
  • Esports Arena (North America)
  • Luminosity Gaming (North America)
  • Invictus Gaming (EMEA)
  • fun123 (APAC North)
  • Element 6 (EMEA)
  • DarkZero Esports (North America)

Those are all of the teams. Out of these, only one will take the champions slot from the ALGS Split 1 Playoff 2023. Tune in over February to catch which teams get the early lead in this year’s Apex Legends events.

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