Best CSGO Teams in 2021 – Top 10 CSGO Teams in the World

The Best CSGO Teams shift monthly in 2021, with no single team having absolute dominance in the rankings anymore. With the Counter-Strike scene in in a very strange place currently, we look at the best CSGO teams in 2021 based on recent performances. We rank the teams based on their most recent 50 matches, and take into account the relative strength of opponents at the time of each match to make the selection of best CSGO teams thus far in the season.

This list is updated monthly.

best csgo teams in 2021

CSGO Rankings – Best CSGO teams in 2021

It has been stated by figureheads in the scene that we might have the weakest top 10 we have ever seen in the history of this game. While this may be due to lack of motivation that comes with the shift to online play, or simply a shift in power nobody expected, the fact remains the balance of power in CSGO has shifted. This does not however mean there is no competition.

The top 5 on our list are quite competitive, and the top 3 seem to have the jump on the rest more often than not. Top CSGO teams currently have the best players in the world facing off in the finals of every tournament and producing great games. We have old players redeeming themselves and proving they are not done with this game. We also have the greatest player of all time, leading his team to a sweep of the number 1 team in the world in a best-of finals twice in four months. Finally, we have teams that have dropped off the map when they once held the number one spot in the world. With all of the twists and turns we have had, here is where the best CSGO teams line up in the top 10.

1. Gambit

Gambit has been firing on all cylinders for awhile now. They are the IEM Katowice 2021 champions and a team that is playing a level above most others at the moment. Though they have fallen short in the last 2 best of 5 finals, they took their closest opponent Heroic to historic game 5 at ESL Pro League S13, and went toe to toe against NaVi, whom they beat earlier in the tournament, while S1mple was playing out of his mind.

Gambit have proved they are more than just a flash in the pan like some hinted at earlier in their rise to the top. Sustained excellence is rewarded, which is why they continue to get top placings at tournaments even if they cannot win them all. Are we about to witness the next era after the fall of Astralis? Gambit seems to have what it takes to be remembered as a great team, while their players are building their legacy as the best CSGO players on the scene.

Gambit best csgo team

2. Heroic

One of the biggest surprises of the year has been Heroic’s meteoric rise. With multiple impressive tournament placings in a row following great performances, Heroic fell short at the EPL finals rematch against Gambit at DH Masters, while S1mple led Na’Vi to on an impressive run. However, falling short once doesn’t make them any less of a threat, which is why they are still at number 2.
Casper “cadiaN” Møller is on his own personal redemption arc, and has been fun to watch as it looks like he has no plans on stopping any time soon. Pay attention to Heroic, as they look to bounce back in the summer portion of 2021, because that’s who CadiaN is, and that is what Heroic does.

Heroic ESL Pro League

3. Natus Vincere

After constant up and down showings, Navi had another unbelievable performance at Dreamhack Masters Spring 2021. This, of course, was headed by S1mple having an incredible performance. The team bested mousesports, FURIA,, Heroic and Gambit in the tournament, which is a very impressive feat.

Though, they are not number 2 on this list because Na’Vi has done this before sort of thing before. After a great run at a tournament, they sometimes bomb out of the next two and then rise again. While an absolute nightmare for CSGO betting if you are a NaVi fan, they will likely jump up and down to number one spot in the world every few months.

best csgo teams navi


Furia has struggled to really prove themselves as one of the best in the world. They have good results against good teams but just can’t seem to come out on top at tournaments. They took games off of Gambit and NaVi in series losses, which is the case in the majority of their losses. Never going down without a fight, but never winning the big one. Furia looks to break into the top 3 with small improvements in their game. Though they are not the best in the world, they seem to be the current best in North America. Only minor changes can make the Brazilians rise to the top of the CSGO ranks for the first time in the organization history.

5. G2

G2 has been impressive as of late and of the best CSGO teams to follow in spring. With only 3 series losses against 2 teams (Gambit and FunPlus Phoenix) since the Blast Premier Spring Showdown, they have been consistent and performing very well. Since the addition of JaCkz, G2 has been able to move past their initial road bumps that occurred when NiKo joined. The team really seems to be meshing well and having fun while they play. If the gears continue turning as they are, expect this team to start winning tournaments in the coming months and peak by the time the Stockholm Major comes around. For those seeking to bet on CSGO matches, G2 is the team that is likely winning most of theirs while they drop games only to the teams above them in best CSGO team rankings.


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6. Virtus Pro

VP has been fighting for a spot in the top 10 on HLTV all year. With wins against top teams and losses against teams they have no business losing to, VP really is a wild card team. When they fire on all cylinders they can beat anybody. However, on their bad days, they have proven that anybody can have their way with them just as well. The reason Virtus.Pro lands in sixth place are their recent performances against top teams and the potential we see in this team moving forward.

best csgo teams

7. Astralis

Once at the top of the world, Astralis has been slowly falling in the last few months. Recently, the departure of Dev1ce made Astralis lose their star AWPer, and break down a roster that seemingly only functioned if they all played together. It is hard to say that we can expect continued good results out of them with Bubzkji as the replacement. This is not throwing shade at the player, but an observation on how Astralis used to function and gel together as a unit beforehand.

What made this roster one of the best teams in CSGO history is how they fed off each other, and built one another up game after game. With a roster reset it will be a long road to redemption for the team, and with rumours that other players plan on leaving as well, the road will be even harder.

best csgo team of all time

8. Spirit

Spirit can be compared to Navi in terms of inconsistency. While they had success at IEM Katowice with a 3-4th finish, the results since have been lacking. When Spirit turns it on they have proved they can beat the top CSGO teams with relative ease. Time will tell if they can re-discover their IEM form and turn it into consistent results. Spirit has still shown good games against top teams throughout April, taking maps off Gambit and G2, even taking G2 into overtime in one of their losses. There just seems to be something missing in a lot of their series losses.

The biggest downside for Spirit is that they are not considered an S-tier team. As a result, they are stuck playing games against weak opponents, stunting their growth even further.

Team Spirit csgo team

9. Complexity

This spot was a toss up between Complexity and BiG. Neither team performed where they should recently, but Complexity’s performance at EPL 13 pushed them ahead. Even though BIG has won the last couple of matches when the two met up at Funspark and Flashpoint 3, their other results have been lackluster. Though often exciting, Complexity has been missing something to rank higher on the best CSGO teams list.

Justin “jks” Savage has not had the impact that everyone hoped he would when he joined the team. As anticipated, though, blameF and k0nfig have been performing with the same explosiveness that fans have grown accustomed to. Initially, the return of poizon looked to be a good thing. However, as time passes he grows less and less impressive. It is time for everyone on the team to step up and take their exciting playstyle to the next level if wish to rank higher.

Complexity best csgo team

10. Liquid

Unfortunately when it comes to Liquid, there are not a whole lot of upsides to talk about. Having just parted ways with their coach M0ses, they are bringing back their old coach Adren to try and create a spark in their game.

We will see if bringing in a new coach is simply a veil covering up the fundamental issues that have arisen in this team. They still have some of the absolute top talent the scene has to offer as well as a good team organization that has put their trust in this team. With veteran talent and experience, it is very hard to say they will not bounce back. Perhaps all Liquid needs is a change of pace to return at the top spot in the best csgo teams rundown.

best csgo teams

Realistically, the number #8, #9 and #10 spots in this list could be interchangeable as they all seem to be facing real issues that need to be addressed. If they are not, none of these teams will be in the top 10 for long.

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