BLAST Titans – BLAST entering Apex Legends can revolutionize its scene

The BLAST Series of esports events is branching out soon. They’ve made a recent announcement confirming that they’re dipping their toes into Apex Legends. The Battle Royale has been rising in popularity steadily over the last year or so. It has hit new peaks for all-time players, exceeding its huge launch numbers. This new event from BLAST adds more variety to its competitive scene and could see a bigger presence develop for more third-party-organized tournaments.

In July 2021, BLAST Titans is going to pit the top teams in Europe against each other.

BLAST Titans

Blast Esports is a pretty big organizer of Esports tournaments. They operate in quite a few different games, but this isn’t their first foray into Battle Royals. They’ve recently organized an All-Star Showdown Fortnite tournament, alongside their work in Valorant. Their Fortnite tournament was one of the top events for Fortnite betting, so you can expect a lot from this Apex Tournament.

Now BLAST has turned their attention to Apex Legends, what can we expect from the BLAST Titans event?

BLAST Titans Apex Legends Tournament

BLAST Titans is a recently announced European tournament for Apex Legends. The tournament is going to be held for the free-to-play game on July 23-25th. It is going to be an invitational event, with some well-known teams competing. This is how the event is going to work: 40 teams are going to be part, chosen based on tournament performance. The top 20 teams in recent tournaments are going to be there, along with 10 ‘wildcard’ teams, and 10 teams from open qualifiers. The full prize pool is going to be $23,000, so there’s plenty at stake for the teams competing.

We don’t have full details about the format of the tournament just yet. However, we can assume that it will be being played in private lobbies with points being awarded to teams for placement and kills.

The dates for the BLAST Titans event are as follows:

  • Group stages – Friday, July 23rd
  • Bracket Stage – Saturday, July 24th
  • BLAST Titans Finals – Sunday, July 25th

All the information is available on the official Challengermode BLAST Titans page.

The BLAST Titans event is the first foray into Apex legends for this organizer. However, Apex does have a relatively lively esports scene. This latest event broadens things out, and could be a good sign of things to come.

Apex Legends Esports Expanding

Apex Legends esports didn’t quite take off to the same heights as Fortnite or PUBG. However, with Apex’s player count increasing, the esports interest has been growing steadily recently. The game already boasts an official stream of esports events. These are held regionally and narrowed down to finals to pick the best players internationally. Outside of those officially held, there have been a few smaller different events. A good amount of these have taken place in Asia. The BLAST Titans series isn’t the first from Europe, but it does seem to mark an expansion for the game.

More variety in where tournaments are held will help players from different regions devote more time to the game. At the moment we only have confirmation of one Apex Legends event from BLAST. However, if it turns into a regular occurrence then fans will have more competitive action to watch.

Overall, the move by BLAST might encourage similar tournament providers to expand the scope and scale of Apex Legends competition and provide the game with a much needed boost.

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