BTS Pro Series Season 6 Betting Analysis and Predictions

One week before the WePlay AniMajor, the folks from Beyond the Summit quickly dropped a cheeky tournament for us. The BTS Pro Series Season 6 has much to be excited about, especially with multiple Dota 2 DPC contestants in it in both America and Southeast Asia.

The 100,000 USD tournament is long on its way, we are already seeing some fascinating outcomes. Furthermore, we have some nice odds for Dota 2 betting this week.

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BTS Pro Series Season 6 Tournament Format and Teams

The BTS Pro Series Season 6 is held separately in two regions (Americas, SEA). The format is a classic group stage plus double elimination playoffs bracket. In the group stage, matches are best-of-two single round-robin games among eight teams. Once the group stage is over, all the teams advance in playoffs, with the top four playing the upper brackets and the bottom four the lower.

Hailing in the SEA, several prominent teams are present including: OB Esports x Neon, Omega Esports, Team SMG, Motivate.Trust Gaming, and BOOM Esports. The list is filled up by Lilgun, Galaxy Racer, and South Built Esports.

Over at the Americas regional, there is no shortage of solid competitors either. Undying, 4 Zoomers, and Infamous are all present. The rest of the competition however, consists of somewhat unfamiliar faces like D2 Hustlers, simply TOOBASED, EGOBOYS, The Cut, and Hokori. Albeit, these teams have participated in the DPC 2021, so they aren’t too shabby for average Joes.

BTS dota 2 predictions

We are now at the tail end of the group stage, with the final day determining the Playoffs layout. Thus far, the expected favorites coming from the Dota Pro Circuit Upper Divisions are performing well in both regions. Lets look at some betting outcomes for the final day of group stage.

Undying vs 4 Zoomers

It’s always a pleasure to watch a rerun of two massive rivals at each other’s necks. Undying and 4 Zoomers are no strangers in the DPC 2021 North America. Both teams secured top-four finishes, but Undying held the edge in performance and favourability.

Anyhow, it’s no surprise that Undying will be 4 Zoomers’ most formidable nemesis in the BTS Pro Series Season 6: America. After all, Undying was the only rival that gave NA powerhouses like Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew a run for their money.

Hence, it’s highly anticipated that the odds favor Undying to win versus 4 Zoomers’ at x2.8 returns. There is however a safe bet in this scenario, with both teams drawing it out at one map each. Since this tournament features the option for a draw it seems like the most logical selection here. You can still get x1.96 in return for it over at GG.BET.

OB Esports x Neon vs Team SMG

We have another exciting match-up between OB.Neon and Team SMG on the last day of groups. For the record, both teams have not played each other prior to the BTS Pro Series Season 6. OB.Neon was a participant in Dota 2 DPC SEA S2 Upper Division, while Team SMG was a freshie in Lower Division.

Regardless, Team SMG has proven that they mean business by securing top seeds in their division. Ultimately, this secured their slot in the Upper Division bracket after the International 10. As for OB.Neon, they just lost all credibility after missing their slot for WePlay AniMajor. Many fans look forward to seeing how well Team SMG holds up against the renowned SEA team. OB.Neon made international headlines when they pull off an underdog run at Singapore Major, securing eighth place. Considering the heavy favorites in the scene, OB.Neon’s run was commendable.

It seems like Dota 2 odds still favor OB.Neon at x2.26 against team SMG. Since Team SMG kicked veteran member, Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung, fans have yet to see any improvement for the prodigious team. OB.Neon are looking at a clean 2:0 here.

BTS Pro Series Season 6 might as well be many teams’ crash course qualifier practice before the International 10 qualifiers. The Playoffs bracket is shaping up as a banger so keep track on this event before WePlay AniMajor rolls around.