Bugha vs Ninja – Stars face off in special Fortnite Chapter 4 Event

Bugha and Ninja are two of the biggest names in Fortnite. One mainly competing in pro events and the other a world famous content creator; they don’t often crossover. That’s changing with the NFL Tuesday Night Gaming special, where Bugha and Ninja go head-to-head.

The two titans of the Battle Royale are going to be competing in a mini event, that promises to be one of the most hype events in this early part of Fortnite Chapter 4. This is how it’s all going to work.

Bugha vs Ninja

Bugha vs Ninja special at NFL Tuesday Night Gaming

Bugha and Ninja are going to be competing in a head-to-head match. Two of the most recognisable faces in Fortnite, make this event a must watch.

Bugha is probably best known for his victory in the Fortnite World Cup. However, the player was consistently one of the best Fortnite players across Chapter 2 and early 3 of the game. Since the World Cup, he’s taken back-to-back FNCS wins along with winning at Chapter 2’s closing FNCS Invitational. While he’s dipped a little since Bugha remains one of the strongest Fortnite players out there.

Ninja is likely better known as a streamer, but he’s also a high-level player. He dominated the early days of Fortnite and has been one of the most entertaining content creators, as he regularly deletes half the lobby when he plays. He’s one of the best Fortnite streamers and a top player.

This head-to-head match is going to see the players competing in direct competition. It’s going to be a bit different format compared to your normal Epic ran event though. It’s being put on by the NFL, as part of their Tuesday Night Gaming series.

Format – How’s Bugha vs Ninja going to work?

The Bugha Vs Ninja match is going to be played on December 8th. This will be broad on YouTube, so everyone can watch and see how it turns out. It’ll start at 7 PM EST, midnight GMT, or 1 AM CET.

As a head-to-head game, this is going to be different from a standard tournament. There aren’t 100 players to occupy a lobby this time around.

Details for the Tuesday Night gaming events are a bit thin right now, but we have a few clues as to how it’s going to work. In past Tuesday Night Gaming events, players have competed in public lobbies. The two players will likely be competing for placement and kills, with a lobby populated by normal players. This is a bit of a throwback to early Fortnite events like Fortnite Fridays, These often had a similar format as Epic hadn’t yet set up things for private matches with lobbies of pros.

This kind of format is closer to what Ninja played in his competitive days than Bugha. However, both players are at the top of the game and we should see some staggering kill counts from them both.

Bugha vs Ninja at NFL Tuesday Night Gaming, is the latest in a long series of collaborations for the NFL, one of the world’s most recognizable traditional sports. In the past, they’ve had Fortnite skins, limited-time game modes, and more, even a Rocket League collaboration.

It seems these crossovers are a way for the NFL to try and attract a younger fan base. Targeting Fortnite fans and trying to bring that enthusiasm for esports over to football seems like the right play. Putting on direct esports events is a new level for this, but with the NFL resources behind these events, we can probably expect them to continue bringing in big names like Ninja.

The Tuesday Night gaming matchup is an exciting event, and it’s likely going to be a highlight of early Chapter 4 epsorts. We can expect to see more esports and gaming events from the NFL as part of this campaign to combine the worlds of gaming and traditional sports.