CoD League 2021 Stage 3 Week 2 Recap and Predictions for Week 3

The Call of Duty League 2021 Season is just passing its midpoint for the regular season. This year’s event has some changes for the fairly young esport, but has remained one of the most exciting new leagues around. The continued expansion of Call of Duty has brought continual attention to the competition. The CoD League 2021 Stage 3 regular season is about wrap up, before the major kicks off These last batch of matches will decide the standings heading into the main event.

This is what you need to know about where the teams stand so far, how their journey in Stage 3 has gone and some predictions for what’s coming next.

Zack “Drazah” Jordan

CDL Recap – What to Expect and What’s Happened So Far

Stage 3 of the Call of Duty League 2021 has already hit its final week of the regular season. So far we’ve seen two weekends of action playout. The stand out team so far has been Toronto Ultra. They’ve won every game to date, and only lost two rounds within each match up so far. They dropped those to both LA Guerrillas and Minnesota. Going into week 3, they’re up against Paris Legion, Toronto are pretty unlikely to lose. They may have a recently refreshed roster, but it includes some of the best Call of Duty players. Toronto’s clean slate to date is putting them comfortably at the top of their group, so there’s little chance of a vertical there. Group B is looking a bit more tense.

LA Thieves have seen a mixed but generally positive Season so far, with some impressive highlights. In the last stage of the CoD League 2021 Stage 3 season, they’re going up against New York Sublinners. This is likely to be a closer game than Toronto, since the two teams are a bit more evenly matched. LA Thieves and New York Sublinners are sitting in the top two spots, adding a bit of extra excitement going into their face off on May 8th.

Another close match up coming up is Seattle Surge and London Royal Ravens. The two teams are currently at the bottom of their table. Seattle are yet to take home a win, but are equal with London on losses at three a piece. While it doesn’t quite have the tension of the top two teams competing, the battle to avoid the embarrassment of last place is going to be just as motivating in week 3.

CoD League 2021 Stage 3 Week 3 Predictions

That’s how things have progressed so far. However, Stage 3 still has a bit longer left to run. Our predictions for the rest of the games are based on results so far, but also the odds you’re going to find when betting on Call of Duty. These predictions are based around what you can expect to see from these teams, although there is always room for surprises. These are the upcoming games, and our predictions for who is going to win in bold:

  • Minnesotta – LA Guerrillas
  • OpTic Chicago – New York Subliners – (A close call)
  • Atlanta FaZe – Seattle Surge
  • Dallas Empire – Florida Mutineers
  • Toronto Ultra – Paris Legion
  • Los Angeles Thieves – New York Subliners
  • Florida Mutineers – Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Seattle Surge – London Royal Ravens (Pretty close here too)
  • Atlanta FaZe – OpTic Chicago
  • Dallas Empire – Minnesotta

If we put a number to each win, and also place them in the CDL Pick’Em bracket, it would all look like this.

CDL Pickem

Those are our predictions for how the games are going to go based on past performance. However, the League has already seen its fair share of upsets, even just in its second Season. So while these are our choices, don’t be afraid to go for an outside pick, especially if there’s a big pay off for esports betting.

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