Dota 2 Ti10 SEA Qualifiers Match Analysis and Betting Predictions

The Dota 2 TI10 Southeast Asia Qualifiers begins on June 30. SEA fans have much to be excited about, especially after Team T1’s incredible showing at WePlay AniMajor. While T1 successfully secured their TI10 invite, that’s really all the SEA teams have to show. The SEA qualifier isn’t just a battle to determine another candidate from SEA. Instead, it will ultimately be one of the two best shots for the region to finally win a TI trophy.

Let’s look at the hottest teams at the event, and place our initial expectations.

ti10 sea qualifier

The International 10 Southeast Asia Qualifiers Teams & Favorites

As per usual, TI10 Southeast Asia Qualifier is like every other TI10 regional qualifiers. Fifteen SEA candidates compete in double-elimination brackets, where matches are best-of-three.

The upper bracket teams include TNC Predator, OB Esports x Neon, Fnatic, Execration, BOOM Esports, Omega Esports, Motivate.Trust Gaming and Team SMG. Meanwhile, at the lower bracket, Lilgun, ex-South Built Esports, Galaxy Racer, 496 Gaming, Army Geniuses, Team Mystery, and Cignal Ultra fill the slots.

Even though only one SEA team secured direct invite to TI10, we do have quite the selection of powerhouses. For instance, TNC Predator garnered hype surrounding its Filipino line-up after they gave Evil Geniuses a run for their money. While EG did have the last laugh after defeating TNC Predator, it set a precedent about the potential which lies within SEA candidates.

OB Esports x Neon is another team that comes into mind when we talk about favorites. Although OB failed to make their entry into WePlay AniMajor, they remained a high-profile candidate after their Singapore Major debut. They went head-to-toe versus the European powerhouse, Team Secret, and things could have gone both ways in their decisive match.

While TNC and OB were considered favorites thanks to their recent performance, other honorable mentions are worth keeping an eye on. Team SMG boasts a renowned stack. From the former team OG carry player, Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng to Damien “kpii” Chok and Tue “ah fu” Soon Chuan, this is one strong line-up heading into the qualifiers.

Finally, we cant forget Fnatic and BOOM Esports, two teams that have battled heavily throughout 2020 and 2021. This event is truly a clash of some extremely talented teams. I believe only the EU West qualifier will come close to the excitement and hype factor we are about to witness.

Lets go over the four opening matches in the upper bracket happening on June 30th.

TNC Predator vs Team SMG

On paper, TNC Predator takes the cake on various aspects like recent achievements and a respectable line-up. The same can be said for Team SMG, albeit a relatively young team that kicked off in the Lower Division league.

TNC’s iconic duo, Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte and Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios, make up the team’s winning formula. It’s rare to see the two carry players lose their momentum in a match, regardless of the situation. It’s no exaggeration to claim they have one of the best synergies we have seen among its SEA rivals.

Team SMG does show some promise, but it’s definitely not enough to validate them as a potential rival against the seasoned opponent. We expect the Dota 2 odds to reflect favorably for TNC Predator at x1.28 versus Team SMG at x3.5 return. Predictions wise a 2:0 for TNC Predator is solid selection at x1.90.

BOOM Esports vs Execration

Both teams could hold their own fort in the Upper Division league, but certainly, nothing to feature. Their rosters have been consistent over the entire Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) season, and performance on the day will determine the winner. One of them must proceed further into the upper bracket series, but both teams are on equal grounds in terms of relative strength. Until then, we can’t be certain how well these teams can perform.

After all, it seems like being explosive in matches pays well, and the fans want action, unprecedented outcomes, and upsets! Hopefully, one of these candidates might be able to deliver just that. The bottom line is they also share relatively similar odds of winning, BOOM Esports at x1.94 while Execration at x1.82 odds. It’s a coin-toss in every sense of the way, and the safest bet is to for us to predict this series goes to 3 maps. The maps over/under is stuck at x2.0 in return.

Fnatic vs Omega Esports

Omega Esports can certainly upset Fnatic in this series. Fnatic, earned a considerable amount of DPC points, and is the undisputed favorite. They are a massive powerhouse brand and feature key players like Djardel Jicko B. “DJ” Mampusti and Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong. Yet, they have failed to deliver at the Majors and have been on a downward spiral since May.

If Omega Esports has any trick up their sleeves, they might be a challenger. But it is unlikely that Fnatic would be faltered by this opponent. Omega Esports also concluded their Upper Division run at sixth-place, merely surviving the challenge, frankly speaking. Dota 2 odds-wise, there’s quite the power gap, where Fnatic has x1.28 versus Omega Esports at x3.50 return.

We do think Omega might suprise and take a game off Fnatic, but overall FNC should come out the victor. Outright selection would suffice here.

Motivate.Trust Gaming vs OB Esports x Neon

The unconventional names aside, Neon certainly has the influence in terms of popularity. After they overthrew its opponents back in Singapore Major, Neon has remained a fan favorite ever since. We can’t count Motivate.Trust out just yet however. As far as we are concerned, the Thai squad has made phenomenal improvements since the first DPC season. We also keep into account that Neon somehow lost its flair after the Singapore Major, perhaps because they had an excellent stand-in at the event. It seems like even the odds aren’t too biased on Neon to win. Motivate.Trust has x1.85 versus Neon at x1.91 odds. We can place another outright on MTG here.

In summary, we end up with four matches that can all be played as outright singles or as a 4-way accumulator slip. A lot is riding on this competition to determine who will be SEA’s finest warriors to compete at TI10. It’s every team’s dream to make it into TI10, but the worthy team will also carry the SEA fans’ dream into the Internationals spotlight.

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