Fortnite’s Next Live Event for New Years 2020 Leaks

Fortnite Chapter 2 opened with one of the biggest and most talked-about live events in a game ever. The world kind of ended, and then it didn’t. It made a huge splash and it is clear that Epic wants to replicate this type of success going forward. We’ve been expecting something along these lines sooner rather than later, and it seems it might have just leaked. The Fortnite New Years 2020 event appears to have leaked. This is going to be the next live event for Fortnite, but is it a bit of a letdown?

fortnite new years 2020

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Since the Black Hole incident, the first Season of Fortnite Chapter 2 was extended. It received a pretty big extension. This was a clear sign that something else was going on. After all, Chapter 2 was a fun reset but not enough to keep players busy for twice the length of a normal season. Epic promised more ‘live events’ coming in the interim to keep players interested. In the past, these events were restricted to the beginning and end of seasons. These big blowouts would spell the end of one Battle Pass and the start of another. However, it has been a bit different this time around.

The first of the newer live events came with a Star Wars crossover, this culminated in a radio message being played exclusively to Fortnite. The details of this apparently left some moviegoers confused, as they were only alluded to in the opening credits. The second big event looks to be the Fortnite New Years 2020 event.

What’s Happening at the Fortnite New Years 2020 Event?

Details of this live event have been found in the game’s files. Dataminers have checked it over for evidence of their latest huge live event and found that the Fortnite New Years 2020 event is pretty much the same as last year’s event. Yeah, much like a lot of new year eve’ around the world it is looking like it is going to be a bit of an anti-climax. Of course, these files might not be telling the whole story, but it does look set to be a pretty familiar affair.

fortnite new year eve event

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Is this the extent of the live events promised? Chapter 2’s extension was supposed to be to facilitate these kinds of things. However, this is now looking like all this actually turned out to be was a Star Wars crossover and a repeat of last year’s party. The Star Wars event was fun, but it wasn’t particularly bigger than the Batman event that happened during Season 10.

Epic’s Tim Sweeney recently talked about transitioning the game into being something more, a platform. This is kind of reflected in what Epic’s biggest hits this year have been. Such as the Fortnite World Cup, which was a huge event, and the Black Hole event, an eye-catching occurrence. If this is the kind of thing that Epic is trying to do more of, then they’re not exactly hitting their marks. Chapter 2’s extension isn’t bad news. Although, it seems like overkill to do so only to accommodate a repeat of last year’s Fortnite new years celebrations.

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