Teams announced for Fortnite World Champion Series Season 11

Epic’s Fortnite World Champion wrapped up last week. The finals of the series season X were a little different to what came before. While they culminated in an eventful tournament, it wasn’t quite the spectacle of the last major tournament. For the next round, Fortnite World Champion Series Season 11, Epic is sticking with the divided up format by changing things up a bit.

Fortnite World Champion Series Season 11

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The Fortnite World Champions Series saw Zexrow, Mackwood, and yung calculator come out on top in North America, Tschiinken, Stompy, and aqua came out on top if Europe. These names will definitely be some to watch in the next tournament. The tournament was divided by region this time around, spreading the prize money across a lot more teams that we saw in Fortnite World Cup.

The Fortnite World Champion Series Season 11

The previous Fortnite World Champion series introduced the Trios mode to the game. Players competed in groups of three as well as in Solos. Prior to this, all Epic run tournament shad only featured Duos and Solos. This was a fun change of pace for Fortnite. It gave fans the chance to watch how their favorite players worked in a larger team. Things are being mixed up again for this round. This time around, both Duos and Trios are out.

For the next series, players are going to be competing in Squads. While Squads has always been a part of the game, it never received as much competitive attention as other modes. Larger teams are harder to coordinate. In a loot-based Battle Royale game, teams of four make everything a bit different. More loot has to be found, a lot of landing spots are out of the question, and payers have to be careful not to run afoul of entire team.

The Squads change has meant that players are forming into teams of four or the first team. While organizations may have entire rosters of players, most have stuck with their Duos partners. Some of the team formations of big-name name players have already been announced for the Fortnite World Champion Series Season 11.

Squads Team Line-Ups

Squads may be new to competitive Fortnite, but some players have wasted new time to making their teams known. The Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha has announced he will be playing with Zayt, GhostSaf, Stretched in the next tournament. The introduction of another player should shake things up a bit with this team.

Mongraal’s Trios has had the addition of Aqua, alongside benjyfish and stompybtw. This new team has came together after Mongraal stopped playing with old Duos partner mitr0 after the Fortnite World Cup.

More teams are likely to be announced as we progress toward Fortnite World Champion Series Season 11. The event will have a clearer schedule announced after the launch of Season 11 of Fortnite. This is currently expected to take in early October. However, an exact date isn’t confirmed yet.