Hearthstone Grandmasters 2022 – Last Call Announced

We are slowly closing in on the most exciting time of the year for Hearthstone esports, which is the Hearthstone World Championship 2022. However, before we get there, we must discover who will be some of the last players to participate in that grand event. The way we are going to do that is through the Hearthstone Grandmasters 2022 – Last Call and an exciting circuit that features players from all regions.


Image Credits | Blizzard

When is the event?

Those who are eager to discover which are the best Hearthstone decks, piloted by some of the best Hearthstone players in the world, should be quite excited, as the event already kicks off on July 22nd. The full schedule for the Last Call is the following:

  1. Week 1 – July 22 – 24
  2. Week 2 – July 29 – 31
  3. Week 3 – August 19 – 21
  4. Week 4 (Playoffs) – August 26 – 31

You may have noticed that there is quite a gap between Week 2 and Week 3, and there are two reasons why that is the case. The first one is the one that pretty much all Hearthstone players should be familiar with, and that is the release of Murder at Castle Nathria on August 2nd. The second reason is the Master Tour: Murder at Castle Nathria, which will be taking place from August 19th until August 21st.

What is the format?

Seeing that a new expansion is going to be released during the Last Call, that does indeed mean that you will be able to watch some of the brand new cards in action in Week 3 and Week 4. However, for the first two weeks, you will still be seeing some of the decks that are reigning supreme on the ladder right now.

Hearthstone Grandmasters are back!

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The format for the tournament is going to be a weekly dual tournament, one where all sixteen players will play games against each other during the Dual Tournament Group play. Then, the top eight players will compete in a single-elimination tournament on Sunday. Each week will have a different set of rules:

  • Week 1 – Conquest with one ban
  • Week 2 – Trio
  • Week 3 – Last Hero Standing with one ban
  • Week 4 – Top eight point earners from the previous weeks qualify for the Playoffs, which are single elimination best-of-seven, and the mode is Conquest.

Who are the players?

There are a bunch of incredible players from each region that are going to battle for the prize pool of $150,000 as well as the spot to qualify for the Hearthstone World Championship. The Hearthstone players and the way they qualified for the event are the following:

  • Advanced from Americas: DimitriKazov, Fled, Pascoa, Pun
  • Advanced from Asia-Pacific: che0nsu, Mighty, okasinnsuke, Posesi
  • Advanced from Europe: Bunnyhoppor, Furyhunter, SuperFake, xBlyzes
  • Advanced from Master Tour: Habugabu, Judgement, levik, ZloyGruzin

For those who have been following the Hearthstone esports scene, you might recognize some of the names from the list already. While we are sure that all matches will be amazing, we suggest keeping an eye on Posesi and Bunnyhoppor, as they will certainly have some great matches in this tournament.

Watch and earn Murder at Castle Nathria packs!

Like with every event, those who tune in and watch the event on the official Youtube channels for at least two hours will earn two packs each week! So, if you tune in every week, you will be able to earn up to a total of eight packs. Do not forget to link your account before immersing yourself in the show!