Hearthstone Grandmasters Season 2 returns August 14th

Season 2 of Hearthstone Grand Masters finally has a return date. We now know that the tournament is going to return this month and run through September, after quite a few months off. Grandmasters is the top tier of Hearthstone competitive play. It’s the place that you can go to see the highest-ranking players in the game compete. As the top tier of gameplay, this tournament is bound to be some of the highest level play you can find.

Grandmasters is the official top tier of competitive play. However, it hasn’t always excited fans like that status should. The Hearthstone World Championship is the big event that brings in a lot of viewers, but fans aren’t often as interested in the week by week Hearthstone Grandmasters.

Is Hearthstone Grandmasters this season really boring to anybody else? from hearthstone

Things are going to be a little different this time around, so we’ll have to see if that brings more excitement to Grandmasters Season 2.

Grandmasters Season 2 Format  

Grandmasters Season 2 will run in a similar way of 2019’s event and the early season in 2020. It takes place over the course of six weeks and is divided into three stages.

  • Swiss into Group – This is the first round of grandmasters Season 2. 16 Players compete in matches against each other in each region. On Thursday after all matches have been played, half of the players are cut out of the running. The top 8 players in each region then move into a 1v1 format on Fridays and Saturdays. The top 4 have a play-off on the Sunday. Each week and round of Swiss matches have a different gameplay format, like Four Deck or Conquest with 1 Ban.
  • Round Robin – This is the second stage and it whittles the playing field down even further. Players are divided into two divisions depending on their standings. They all then compete over four weeks with a consistent Bo5 format. At the end, we’ll learn which players are heading to the finals and which will be relegated.
  • Plays Offs – This is the final stage. The top 6 teams from the higher division make it in automatically. The top four from the second division compete in a play-off bracket to get into this stage. The winners will advance into the Hearthstone World Championship later in the year.

Who’s Playing?

Grandmasters is the top tier of Hearthstone, so the players taking part should be those at the top of their games. One major roster change has happened though. Outside of normal relegations and qualifying,

Gallon is retiring from active competitive play. He’s moving on to help with design and development for Hearthstone in the future. He was previously one of the top players and definitely someone to look for with hearthstone betting.  This move takes him out of the running despite his standing and it’s set to shake things up a bit in the Grandmasters Season 2. His spot is going to be taken by Killinallday, who luckily was next in line to fill out the roster.

Grandmasters doesn’t always attract as much attention until it reaches its finals. With different formats throughout the early rounds though there is definitely plenty going on to keep things interesting this time around.

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