Illidan, new Hearthstone class & no more duplicate cards

The popularity of Hearthstone has without a doubt dropped in recent years, with many former players quitting and moving to other strategy based games, likely TFT. This is despite the constant expansions and new modes. However, finally as a new class had been added, a fresh new dimension will be added to the game.

With the numerous changes set to hit Hearthstone in coming weeks, we can expect an influx of new players to the game. This will mean even faster queue times, especially those in the higher ranks. The developers have finally broken the barrier and released a new class, we can expect more so in the future.

Illidan Stormrage Heartstone

Illidan Stormrage, The Demon Hunter

After many years, a brand new class, a demon hunter named Illidan has been revealed. Sound familiar? That’s because Illidan has been seen before, long before. Illidan was also used as the final boss for the game’s tutorial phase.

Hero Power – Demon Claws

Unlike the boss tutorial version of Illidan, the new class has a different hero power. The Bot’s hero power of summoning two 2-1 monsters for two mana is way too overpowered for players. The developers were forced to change it to achieve some semblance of balance. In fact, developers have taken the next step completely, turning the demon hunter’s hero power into a one mana cost ability, granting him one attack damage. This move is unprecedented, and for now, is the game’s only class with a one mana hero power. While one attack may seem minor in hind sight, it allows Illidan to gain tempo and board in the early to mid game, giving the player an option to clear enemy cards early. This as mentioned in the hero’s reveal, directly translates into his story and nature, being aggressive and brutal.

Class specific cards

As expected, the release of a new class has brought about a multitude of new class specific cards. A decent portion of these class specific cards include spells and weapons, further fueling Illadin’s nature of an in your face, aggressive class. This new release of Illidan may see a similar resurrection of a heavily aggressive play styles seen in the early days of Hearthstone with Face Hunter and Pirate Rogue.

New Cards Demon Hunter

No more duplicates in Heartstone

Duplicate protection will now stand for all rarities, not only legendary cards. This means players will not receive any duplicate cards (over the amount that can be used in a single deck). Unless all cards of the same rarity has been unlocked ofcourse. This is a major change, as pack opening becomes much more enjoyable, giving players the assurance of not receiving a duplicate.

Overall, this change will dramatically reduce the amount of packs players are required to purchase. Especially if they wish to own every card in an expansion.

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