NA LCS Week 5 Day 1 – Match predictions

It’s week five, a crucial week in the NA LCS which’ll provide information on who the real contenders for the split are. While in previous weeks, teams may have used excuses of a slow start for poor performance, they won’t be able to do so now as four weeks in the scene is ample time to straighten out what works and what doesn’t. Currently, Echo Fox and Cloud 9 are tied for first place and TSM are making a steady comeback.

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NA LCS Week 5 Day 1 - Match predictions

Game 1 – Team Liquid vs. Counter Logic Gaming

At the end of week three, Team Liquid were one of the prime contenders to take out this split. However, week four saw them drop both their matches against Cloud 9 and Echo Fox. While these losses are somewhat acceptable considering both C9 and FOX are almost undefeated, the loss may cause Liquid to tilt into week five. Counter Logic Gaming too had a bad week four, losing both of their matches. However, the loss is much more severe and directly shows the weakness as a team. Losing to Optic is no simple thing, CLG is truly struggling. Click here for the best esports odds.

Prediction: TL 78% | CLG 22%

Game 2 – 100 Thieves vs. Echo Fox

While 100 Thieves are doing fairly well for a new team that just entered the NA LCS, Fox are on an absolute roll. Last week saw the Thieves drop both their matches, compared to Fox who managed to roll the Golden Guardians and Team Liquid. Week four has shown the difference between the two teams, with the Thieves cementing themselves as a mid tier team, while Echo Fox remains equal first with C9.

Prediction: 100 35% | FOX 65%

Game 3 – Cloud 9 vs. Team Solo Mid

Cloud 9 has managed to retain their position in the upper echelons of the leader boards, tying first place with Echo Fox. C9 has always been a strong team, so it’s no surprise they have yet to show any major weaknesses. While Team SoloMid has had an extremely slow start to this split, they have picked up a little, climbing from the bottom to a mid tier standing. That said, the 2018 TSM are much weaker compared to last year’s TSM, in comparison, C9 has had a drastic improvement.

Prediction: C9 74% | TSM 26%

NALCS week 5

Game 4 – Clutch Gaming vs. Fly Quest<

The battle between the two mid tier teams will be a close one. Both have shown their strengths nearing to each other, with past match records being fairly similar, each easily losing the top teams, while scraping wins from the weaker ones. That said, Clutch Gaming has a slight advantage with their superior individual talent / experience on their roster.

Prediction: CG 54% | FQ 46%

Game 5 – Optic Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

This is sure to be a clown fiesta, with the two bottom lurking teams being pitted against one another. To top it off, the two teams are new this split to the NA LCS, so it’ll be interesting to see who can take the win. The Golden Guardians is undoubtedly a flop, however, Optic managed to secure a win against CLG last week, so it’s possible for them to make a come back as a mid tier team.

Prediction: OPT 58% | GGS 42%

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