Echo Fox

Echo Fox’s Origins

Echo Fox launched in late 2015 by buy off Team Gravity’s position in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split. While they revealed they would be entering the NA LCS scene at the end of 2015, the team only unveiled their final roster on the 5th of January, 2016.

Echo fox

This entire operation was headed by team owner Rick Fox, a well renowned figure in the NBA. Mr Fox explained in an interview that he and his son had a passion for esports, particularly competitive League of Legends where they were able to bond closer. This prompted him to snatch the opportunity and purchase Team Gravity’s position in the NA LCS at the time. He explains that with his previous fortune built through his experience as a professional basketballer, it allowed him to create Echo Fox from the ground up. No surprise considering the NA LCS Spring spot at the time was valued around $1,000,000 USD.

Fox’s run in League of Legends

Previously, Echo Fox was seen as one of the lowest ranking teams in the NA LCS, constantly being placed near the bottom. Their first season saw them finish 6-12 in the group stage, failing to qualify for the NA LCS Spring Playoffs. Moving to the next season, Echo Fox fared even worse, placing tenth in the Summer Split, and being relegated out of the NA LCS. Luckily, just a week after, they were able to defeat NRG Esports in the 2017 NA LCS Spring promotion, thus securing their spot in the NA LCS once again.

2017 was another bad year for Echo Fox, with the team once again showing poor results, slapped with eight place in both the Spring and Summer split. This obviously indicated Echo Fox had to make some big changes coming to 2018, and so they did. At the end of 2017, Echo Fox decided to completely revamp their roster, switching out all their existing members. The team brought on Fenix in late November, two weeks later, four other major names were signed, Huni, Dardoch, Altec and Adrian.


Having taken the risk in signing five amongst the best players in the League, especially Huni, SKT’s former top laner who found a great deal of success in 2017, Echo Fox made a complete turnaround from 2017. Ever since signing a new team, Echo fox started the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split with amazing results, defeating the best teams to perform in 2017. Many thought Fox were having a lucky streak of success, but these rumours quickly died down as Echo Fox continued to win and claim first place for multiple weeks, only being tied with Cloud 9 for a few moments.
While they are good, the team has to further improve, as rival organisations make desperate changes before the summer split.

Other games

Echo Fox primarily focuses on their League of Legends team, however, they have also signed players to compete on their behalf for other games. This has allowed Echo Fox to not only be regarded as a LoL team, but a larger esports organisation brand.

Sectors of esports Fox are involved in include; Street Fighter, Injustice 2, Super Smash Bros, Tekken, Call of Duty, H1Z1, VainGlory, Gears of War and Madden.