Player background

Heo Seung-hoon, more commonly known as ‘Huni’ is a Korean born competitive League of Legends player. Huni started his professional journey in the European scene with one of the region’s top teams, Fnatic. There, he gained recognition for his amazing outplays, building up a strong fan base which followed him as he moved on.


As most know, Huni plays as a top laner, a role he excels at even in the world stage. Every team / organisation to date that signed Huni has found immediate success with the player on their roster. There is no doubt regarding Huni’s strength; simply by taking a look at past teams, we can see their performance rise when Huni joins, and conversely dipping when he leaves.

Success on various teams

While a teams’ performance may constantly fluctuate, Huni has always found success no matter the team he joins. This can be seen as early as his time on Fnatic, whereby short ten months (two splits) reaped stunning results, first place in both the EU LCS Spring and Summer Playoffs. In 2015, Fnatic also stunned many at the Mid-Season Invitationals, almost taking down SK Telecom T1, bringing them to the full five games, eventually endings 3rd – 4th place in the event.

Huni’s first League of Legends World Championship was stunning, with strong individual performance, it allowed Fnatic to top Group B in the group stage. From there, they steam rolled Edward Gaming, China’s top team at the time. While they did fall to KOO Tigers in the semifinals, this was by no means a letdown, as the Tigers at the time were the favourites to take down SKT and the championship.


Following his amazing run in 2015 with Fnatic, he was quickly scouted by Immortals, thus making the decision to move to North America. While Immortals were completely new, the roster they had was ‘completely stacked’, with big names like WildTurtle (formerly from TSM) joining the team.

With Immortals, the team almost had the perfect run in the NA LCS Spring Regular Season, going 17:1, only losing once to Counter Logic Gaming. While the team did do well throughout the year, they only secured third place for both the NA LCS Spring Playoffs and NA LCS Summer Playoffs.

By this point, Huni had a massive following in North America. However, he was not destined to stay, with an offer from his dream team and two time world champions at the time, SK Telecom T1, he chose to return to Korea.

Huni then spent a year with SKT where he played alongside some of the best players in the world, Bang and Faker. Playing in the most competitive region of LoL, Huni was able to stand his ground, following the teams’ lead. While he found success with SKT in the LCK (first in Spring playoffs and runners up in Summer playoffs), qualifying them for worlds, SKT fell short in their finals match, finishing second place behind Samsung.

Huni’s new team – Echo Fox

Proving himself as one of the best top laners in the world, he once again moved regions after being offered a position with Echo Fox. His return to North America was surprising considering his strong performance in Korea, however, nonetheless, it was great for the region.

Echo Fox’s complete turnaround can be largely accredited to Huni with the players consistently performing well on stage. This allowed Echo Fox, who had repeatedly ended their seasons in the NA LCS between 8th – 10th place to dramatically shoot up, finishing second in the NA LCS 2018 Spring regular season and as a semi-finalist in the NA LCS Spring Playoffs match.

Huni Echo Fox salary

While Riot and professional teams do not release details on the specific of player contracts, including their salary / yearly pay, we can roughly approximate the earnings of the top players.

As a semi-finalist and runners up in the League of Legends World Championship on two occasions, Huni is regarded as one of the best top laners in the world. Both his skill and fame has combined to made Huni one of the highest paid League of Legends players despite his relatively short competitive career.


Judging by his decision to leave the top team in the world and the most competitive region of League of Legends, it is likely Huni has been presented an irresistable offer from Echo Fox. That said, his pay is definitely below superstars like Bjergsen or Sneaky who have cemented their standing in the North American scene.

We can assume Huni is worth at least $200,000 a year, a much higher salary compared to the typical player salary. But while he is skilled and wanted by many, it is likely he is worth less than the former world champion (when he first transferred), Piglet, who earlier moved to NA straight out of SKT.

Echo Fox roster 2018

Echo Fox built a completely new roster for 2018, consisting of some of the best players, of course, including Huni. Their new line up allowed them to completely flip all previous expectations of the team, coming from one of the worse teams in the NA LCS, to one of the top three.

Huni’s teammates:

  • Dardoch – Jungle
  • Fenix – Mid
  • Altec – ADC
  • Adrian – Support

While Huni’s teammates may not all have success in the highest levels of play, they are all individually skilled and filled with years of experience.

Huni Echo Fox Stream

Since signing with Echo Fox, Huni has been streaming a lot less. However, this has mostly been due to the tight timing between his signing and the start of the Spring split, forcing him to ignore streaming, instead opting to train more with his new team. It is likely Huni will continue to stream prior to the starting of the Summer split, a period a handful of pros take to vacation, take a break, or even stream / make youtube content.

While he isn’t always on, when he’s free, he streams on his own channel on, the most popular streaming site.

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