FACEIT and R6 finally brought the FPL to North America

Rainbow Six Siege has seen one of the most commendable comebacks in esports history. After initially struggling quite a bit as an esport, the continued developer and fan support led to R6 achieving cult esports status – and even though it’s been years since its release, Rainbow Six Siege is far from done.

The Ubisoft game already has a strong following around the world, and now it is time for the North American fans to shine. The Europe-based FPL is branching out to North America. Rather than a specific dedicated league, the FPL is a community-based competition for pros and newcomers, who play against each other in solo-queue matchups.

The FPL games are all no-nonsense, highly competitive, and they are now available to R6 fans in the NA region. This is in addition to a relatively recent revamp of the R6 competitive scene, where the Rainbow 6 Pro League was replaced with the Rainbow 6 North American League.

Who can join R6 FPL?

Anyone can join in and participate, provided their account meets the eligibility requirements. The open qualification system means that anyone can make their way up, simply by playing until their elo reaches the required level. To do so, they need to play matches on FACEIT, in one of the several Open Siege Series that FACEIT is hosting in November.

Although anyone can participate and qualify, it won’t be easy – there are only two spots available to players that want to qualify via elo.

Elo players can check out R6TM on FaceIT for information. Or you can join an Open Siege Series event directly.


Starting on the 23rd of October, the FPL NA allowed pro players from North America to join – and soon, they will be joined by some up and coming new players. It’s not for nothing either – the region has a monthly prize pool of $5000 up for grabs. The participating players will be allowed to stream all their matches, allowing fans to watch and learn more about how to succeed in the pro scene.

The first series that allows players to gain the required elo is starting on the 1st of November, the other two on the 8th and 15th respectively – these are the Open Siege Series. The top 100 players of the overall FACEIT Elo NA rankings after these events will be the ones that will be taking part in the FPL competitions.

For one week, they’ll have access to the FPL Qualifier Hub, and be matched against each other in private matchmaking, to determine the best of the best. Then, the top two players from these qualifiers will be able to play with the pros already part of the FPL – in other words, they’ll be among Siege royalty.

R6 FPL explodes on Day 1

As soon as the events kicked off, plenty of big streamer names went on to try their luck in a few FPL NA matches. The Rainbow Six FPL Twitter account went on a long binge with tweets and retweets from players sharing their POV and in-game experiences.

On top of that, the good old EU vs NA rivarly is now officially part of R6 FPL as memes start flying left right and center.

There is plenty of fiesta going on in these matches. Yet, its a welcome edition to the scene especially for the North American scene. Kudos to FaceIT and Ubisoft for keeping a strong competitive ecosystem across the entire scene.

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